Casino News: Chinese Government Imposes New Policies on Macau Casinos, No Evidence Evander Kane Was Throwing NHL Games

Casino News Roundup

China has been cracking down on all sorts of businesses and now casinos could be in the crosshairs. That’s where we’ll start this week’s recap of the casino news.

Chinese Government to Impose New Regulations on Macau Casinos

Macau could be in line for some major regulatory changes within the next couple of months. The Chinese government has talked about plans to create stricter regulations regarding casinos in Macau as they have with big tech and big education recently. The new announcement has come out right as operators start to vie for renewed licenses.

Apparently, nine different areas of the market should be expecting change soon. The number of licenses handed out to operators will also take a big dip. Secretary for economy and finance, Lei Wai Nong, said that handing out more licenses would only bring “unhealthy competition” to the market. Other regulations could regard the length of each license handed out, social responsibility and employee protection.

Stock in the majority of Macau properties have since dipped dramatically since this new revelation. Wynn Macau fell nearly 34 percent, Galaxy Entertainment and Melco Entertainment watched their investors take big losses and Sands China dipped 28 percent in their stock. All of them are hoping to recover and adjust to these new regulations as soon as possible. It’s unclear just how significantly the structure of these business will change.

Man Wanted to Set Guinness World Record for Largest Casino Chip Collection

One Las Vegas man is attempting to do something that has never been done before. Gregg Fisher has just begun the verification process in order to set a Guinness world record with his massive casino chip collection. Fisher is a member of the Casino Collectibles Association and claims that he has a total of 2,222 casino chips. Apparently, every single chip comes from a different casino property and that they are going to be on full display at the Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Las Vegas.

Anybody who happens to be interested in this record has the chance to go see the collection from September 27th to September 29th. Once the public viewing stage settles down, Guinness will have to take 12 weeks in order to verify his claim.

The current record is held by, well, himself. Fisher submitted an 818-chip collection last year and broke the previous record held by Paul Schaffer who had 802 chips. Fisher seemingly wants to up his game from before and it seems like he has done just that.

NHL Search Doesn’t Find Evidence That Evander Kane Was Throwing Games

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has been under fire from the NHL the past couple of months over numerous allegations of betting on games. The first accusation was that Kane intentionally lose games so that he could win bets that he placed on the opposing team. Kane is currently facing other allegations from his wife that claim he was sexually and physically abusive towards her.

It’s not a pretty situation right now but in terms of the betting side of things, the NHL didn’t find that he was throwing games. They’re still investigating to check-in on the other allegations in terms of his relationship with his wife.

Kane has struggled with gambling addictions in the past and is reportedly in $26.8 million of debt due to those addictions. Hopefully he can get some help to deal with this serious problem.