Online Casinos That Accept Gift Cards

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

Online Casino Gift CardsGift cards come in handy for those unable to deposit money to online casinos with credit or debit cards. Fortunately, there are loads of online casinos that accept gift cards and many of them have great software, fair games and a strong reputation.

What are the benefits of using gift cards at online casinos?

  • Fast. You’ll have the money available for play instantly.
  • Cheap. Online casinos rarely charge for processing card deposits.
  • Secure. Most gift cards can be used only once so even if someone were to access your card details, that person would not benefit from doing so.
  • Bonus: 100% up to $5,000. US Accepted
  • Fantastic mobile casino.
  • Quick cashouts.
  • Ran by the team behind ‘Bodog’ brand.

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Gift Card Casinos – FAQ

Using Gift Cards at Internet CasinosWhy Should I Use Gift Cards for Online Casino Deposits?
There are two primary reasons why using gift cards for online gambling may be a good idea for you: 1) You have no VISA credit or debit cards, or 2) You have a VISA credit or debit card but for some reason it fails to work at your online casino (this is common at US online casinos).

Which Gift Cards Work the Best at Online Casinos?
The criteria that must be met in order to make gift cards work is:

  1. Your gift card is eligible for online purchases, and;
  2. Your gift card is eligible for international purchases.

Not all of the gift cards work even if they meet all the criteria, though, so I suggest testing gift cards with low amounts of money (but enough money that it meets the minimum deposit limit of the online casino) and stick to the one that works.

Additionally, see which card brands the online casino accepts. VISA cards are accepted at just about any casino, Mastercard at most and American Express at some. VISA gift cards have the highest success rate in general.

Note: Consider possible (rare) deposit fees – for example, at there’s a 4.9% deposit fee and a $20 minimum deposit so you need at least $20+4.9% on the card in order to have enough money on the account for the deposit.

Is It Safe to Use Gift Cards at Online Casinos?
Yes – in fact, using gift cards is perhaps the safest way to initiate an online gambling transaction since, by nature, you only use the gift card once and nobody can steal your money by getting your gift card information (after you’ve made the deposit, your gift card information will be useless).

You can count on that reputable online casinos (like the ones listed on this page) have done their best to ensure the safety of their customers’ banking details, so choosing gift cards over credit or debit cards for improved safety sounds unnecessary. Then again, as they say, “better to be safe than sorry.”

Can I Get Welcome Bonuses with Gift Card Deposits?
I’ve yet met an online casino that would restrict its welcome bonuses based which method the customer used to deposit money to the online casino. While it’s true that certain online casinos give their customers bigger bonuses for using favourable deposit options, you will always receive at least the standard welcome bonus when depositing with gift cards.