Gambling Company Profiles

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015.

We’ve written profiles of some of the most influental gambling companies (locally or worldwide), albeit a portion of these companies are lesser-known than some would expect. We’re proud of this section of Gaming the Odds and expect to keep publishing new, unique additions every week.

Amaya Gaming Group

Amaya Gaming GroupAmaya Gaming Group could be the most interest gambling company in the whole world. They’ve been in the business since 2004 but have achieved a great deal.

Most famously, the company acquired PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker (now branded just “Full Tilt” due to expansion into casino and betting markets). That has hardly been their only acquisition, though, as you will soon find out.

Note: Amaya Gaming’s former CEO David Baazov eventually faced insider trading charges. Though Baazov’s case eventually was thrown out, Amaya changed its name to Stars Group during this time. On May 20, 2020, Stars Group sold to Flutter Entertainment. The closest remaining gaming group to Amaya is now Flutter Entertainment.

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Barrick Gaming Corporation

Barrick Gaming CorporationAdmirably, Barrick Gaming Corporation has “thought big” throughout its existence. After making one acquisition after another in conjuction with a private investment firm and being in business just over 18 months, Barrick was unable to pay its employees. The situation resolved when the private investment firm forced Barrick to sell its holdings.

Regardless of its, Barrick may be looking to acquire another major casino in near future. As of now, however, the company’s status remains in limbo.

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Horseshoe Gaming Holding Corporation

Horseshoe Gaming Holding CorporationJack Binion is famously known for being one of the creators of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) brand. Horseshoe Gaming Holding Corporation is his lesser-known business venture, building of which eventually resulted in a sale worth $1.45 billion in 2004 (to Caesars Entertainment, who also own the WSOP trademark now).

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Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation

PAGCORThe Filipino casino business has flourished over the last decade as the government-owned Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation’s (PAGCOR) financial reports indicate.

And the growth is expected to continue: the corporation has invested close to $20 billion into a new gaming complex which is supposed to rival the likes of Macau and Las Vegas.

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Washington State Gambling Commission

Washington State Gambling CommissionWashington state’s net gambling receipts are almost $3 billion yearly, yet this gambling commission has one of the strictest online gambling laws in the USA – in fact, violating their internet gambling laws results in a felony (this has been the case ever since 2006, when the crime was upgraded to a felony from misdemeanor).

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