Best PayPal Casinos in 2021

by James Carter & Cliff Spiller on January 04th 2016. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

Best Paypal CasinosPayPal is the largest online wallet service in the world. PayPal customers use the service to send and receive money on the Internet instantly. For a long time, many customers used PayPal exclusively for shopping on eBay, but in many jurisdictions, PayPal is also a legitimate deposit and withdrawal method for online casinos.

This page lists the best casinos accepting PayPal and also answers several commonly asked questions about how to use PayPal to fund Internet gambling transactions. These Paypal online casinos are ranked and chosen based on safety and security, as well as how exciting the gambling experience is on their site:

PayPal and United States Casino Gamblers

Paypal Casino DepositsNone of the casino sites listed on this page accept real money players from the United States. That’s because in the USA, PayPal is considered a financial institution just like a bank. If you’re a player from the United States you can use credit, debit and gift cards, and in some cases, Western Union to deposit money to online casino sites. (If you’re playing in New Jersey, you can also use Skrill.)

I have seen web pages which list “best Paypal casinos” that supposedly accept U.S. players. While the casino might have no issue accepting PayPal, the company itself has policies related to gambling transactions for U.S. players. So web pages like that are somewhat disingenuous. Their goal is to just trawl for keyword traffic from search engines on the off chance that they’ll get paid for the occasional player who clicks on a link, tries to use PayPal, fails, and then tries another option.

Since online casino gambling is now legal and regulated in three states (New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada), one might think PayPal would be a legitimate payment method. Unfortunately, PayPal (and Bank of America, for that matter) claim that such transactions are inherently unsafe. The reluctance of financial institutions like PayPal and Bank of America to process gambling transactions in these new venues is one of the reasons revenue from these new sites has fallen well below predicted.

In the U.S., PayPal’s “acceptable use” policy lumps gambling in with other prohibited activities, which include controlled substances, stolen goods, hate crime items, obscene items, ammunition, and weapons. Including gambling among this list seems draconian, but what can you do?

You can always rely on Visa, Mastercard or Western Union. It seems that VISA sees a higher acceptance rate than Mastercard when it comes to online gambling transactions, but it also depends on who issued the card.

What Is PayPal and How Does It Work?

PayPal is an online wallet that was launched in 2000 as a means for customers of online auctions to pay for their purchases quickly. By 2002, eBay had acquired the company for itself. Now PayPal operates in over 190 countries (i.e. almost everywhere).

PayPal is considered by most people to be the most reliable service of its kind in the world. The system uses your email address and a password to securely transfer your funds from one place to another. You can fund your PayPal account by connecting it with your bank account or your credit card.

Using PayPal at Online Casinos

Using the service at online casinos works exactly the same as using it for any other kind of transaction on the Internet. One of the perks to using PayPal at an Internet casino is the speed with which you’re able to process your payouts. Most Internet casinos have a processing time for paying out your funds, but PayPal eliminates the need to send a paper check. Once the casino’s administrative processing is completed, the money is transferred to your PayPal account, which happens instantly.