Fastest Payout Casinos for US Players

by James Carter on February 19th 2015. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

Fast Withdrawal CasinosCashout times are a much bigger problem for US players than others since US banks have been prohibited from processing unlawful online gambling transactions. What “unlawful” means is another debate, but even still, the law causes a lot of uncertainty and difficulties for US-based online casino players.

Due to US laws, some online casinos and poker sites have problems with processing player cashouts within an acceptable time range – for example, some online poker sites have taken over six months to deliver player cashouts.

The following US casinos process withdrawals fast:

Why US Casino Withdrawals Are Often Slow?

Casinos with Quick CashoutsUS players are unable to use Neteller or other e-wallets so they have to rely on processing checks or dealing with a cash transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram®. Most players prefer to deposit with VISA cards and therefore they must withdraw the money as a check, and when the online casinos has a problem with processing checks, the player has to wait.

The fastest casino payout option for US players is Western Union or MoneyGram®, but the problem is that you have to work more to make a deposit with those services (go to their live location to send and receive the money). When you deposit with a credit card, the money is on your casino account instantly (and hassle-free) but then you have to wait for a check and that takes a longer time.

The casinos listed on this page do their best so that you’d have to wait the shortest time possible and avoid having your money in limbo state while. When you win a lot of money at an online casino (which we hope you will), the last thing you want to do is wait several weeks or even months for the money to arrive. So choose one of these fast cashout casinos and you’ll have to worry much less.

For players outside of the US, there are generally great payout options and most major online casinos handle payouts fast. Neteller transfers, for example, available for players outside of the US, handle money transactions fast. Bank withdrawals and different kinds of e-wallets are generally good options as well, and in some countries you can simply deposit with your VISA card and withdraw the money to your VISA instantly.

If you’re from outside of the US and you play at reputable online casinos, such as the ones mentioned on this page, you will play at fast payout casinos.

Note: We’ve referred to cashout times as payout times (as in “casinos with fast payout times”) and in this context it means how fast the casino delivers your money withdrawals. The actual percentage that a casino has returned to players from their machines is referred to as “payouts” as well but it means a different thing.