Mac Online Casinos in 2021

by James Carter on February 19th 2015. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

Mac Online CasinosMac users miss out on nothing – or at the very least, only a little – since all reputable online casinos have Mac-compatible games.

All the Mac casinos listed on this page have top-ranked software but they’re high quality casinos in other ways too – secure, good game selection, fair games, caring customer support and great promotions are all good ways to describe them. But, importantly for all of us Mac users, they have great Mac-compatible casino software, either as a downloadable or no-download (also known as “instant-play”) version.

The only difference to a Windows casino may be that the online casino has “only” created a no-download software for Mac users, which usually have slightly less games than downloadable Windows versions, but even that is rarely the case anymore since online casinos have either created downloadable Mac versions or they have a no-download-only casino that includes all of the games.

Mac Casinos – FAQ

Are Mac Casinos Secure?
Yes, absolutely. Since Macs have less viruses and malware than Windows computers, it could be argued that Mac online casinos are even more secure than their Windows counterparts, so security is not something you have to worry about when playing online casino games on a Mac – at least not more-so than when playing on Windows computers.

How Are Mac Casinos Different?
While the gaming experience is very much alike with Mac casino software as it is with software for other operating systems, Mac users may have less games available in case their only option is a no-download (or “in-browser”) version of the online casino. No-download versions are usually available for both Mac and PC users, but when PC users have their own downloadable version as well, the no-download version usually has less games.

But this should not be a major thing to worry about. Firstly, more and more casinos have downloadable Mac versions which generally include all the games that the casinos has to offer (see the list above to find online casinos with downloadable Mac software); secondly, several online casinos only have an instant-play version available for all users, which means that Mac users get the same games as everybody else; thirdly, even if a Mac software lacks some games, it features the most popular games of the casino anyway so you’ll likely get to play just the games you would have played anyway.

Can I Get Welcome Bonuses When Playing on Mac Casinos?
Of course you can – you’re entitled to all the same promotions as other players regardless of your operating system.