Interesting Gambling Biographies

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

We’re as excited to publish this section as we are of any other section on this site — perhaps more so. Our goal has been to write about some of the most interesting people in the world of gambling–not the most well-known, perhaps, but interesting. The gambling world as we know it would unlikely be the same if it wasn’t for these folks. We hope you’ll enjoy the read.

Lorenzo Fertitta

Lorenzo FertittaForbes estimates this punk-listening, art-collecting businessman to be worth well over a billion dollars. He co-owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Station Casinos brands and has even entered into online poker business via the Ultimate Poker brand.

Join us as we take a look at Lorenzo Fertitta’s life, including what he did before success, relationships with Dana White and brother Frank Fertitta, business ventures and family life.

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Isai Scheinberg

Isai ScheinbergIsai Scheinberg may be the most mysterious man in all of gambling business. There are very few pictures of him online, he’s never done an interview, yet he co-founded the biggest online poker room in the world by far (PokerStars).

We’ve taken a look at Scheinberg’s early life and education, the creating of PokerStars, the New Orleans Saints purchase that almost happened, and of course his problems with the US government among other things.

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E. Parry Thomas

E. Parry ThomasE. Parry Thomas (born in 1921 and still going strong) was the first banker to issue loans to Las Vegas casinos. He took the opportunity when others were fearful–in many ways, Thomas is responsible for what Las Vegas is today.

We’ve taken a look at both the yearly and later years of E. Parry Thomas’ life, although naturally our main concentration was on his respectable business career.

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Michael Kent

Michael Kent is one of the less-known pieces of the Computer Group puzzle (while Billy Walters is likely the most famous person out of that bunch).

From developing software for college sports, to arriving to Las Vegas, to getting to know Doctor Ivan Mindlin and the eventual rise and fall of the Computer Group, Kent’s life has been full of important gambling events and now we’ll tell you all about them.

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