Best Sports Betting Sites

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

I’ve ranked, rated and reviewed the best online sportsbooks in the world. The absolute best site for you is likely different from mine since we likely place different types of bets on different kinds of games. Therefore I’ve created categories that include listings of sports betting sites specifically matching your needs.

Note: There are plenty of dishonest sportsbook review websites. In most cases, the advertiser that’s willing to pay the most money is the one getting the best ratings. While I receive money from the sites that I recommend on this site, I only list sites based on their merits (I could make more money by recommending other types of sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites).

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How Sportsbooks Make Money

Sportsbooks always give you odds they expect to make money with. This is the most obvious with point spread bets since they’re usually giving you a -110 proposition (1.91 in decimals) for outcomes that they expect to happen with 50% probability, so they have a built-in edge there (to find point spread bets with lower propositions, take a look at reduced juice sportsbooks).

Point spreads are sportsbooks’ equivalent of coin-tosses. They give you 1.91 to win (for a fair coin-toss you get 2.00 to win) and estimate the outcomes to be 50-50. You should never take this bet unless you have a reason to believe that it’s really not a coin-toss situation which would mean that you know better than the sportsbook, and to such degree that you actually win often enough to beat the house advantage and turn profit.

After all, predicting the outcome of a game of soccer, for example, is not exact science. In the long run, both sides of the coin are going win 50% of the time, but you could never make such exact estimates of sporting events — there are simply too many factors to consider before the game and lots of things can happen during the game — we’re dealing with people, and people can make mistakes, get injured, play without motivation, etc.

So in all likelihood there are plenty of situations where the bookies are wrong. That, however, is not the end of the world for them, since they’ve got that comfortable advantage over us anyway, remember? So not only do we have to be right when they’re wrong, we have to find situations where they’ve clearly made an error big enough that we can overcome their advantage. And that is more difficult.