Introduction to MotoGP Betting

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015.

MotoGPMotoGP is the world’s top motorcycle racing league, and it features white-knuckle Grand Prix events in thirteen countries across four continents. Now in its 65th year, the oldest motorsports championship includes an international cast of drivers with a serious need for speed.

While betting on the MotoGP won’t duplicate the excitement of accelerating into a hairpin turn, it will give you the opportunity of adding to your bank account. That might not get you on the winner’s podium, but it should make a big difference when it comes time to pay the mortgage or send the kids to college.

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Useful Tips for Betting on MotoGP

While there’s no guaranteed strategy for making money on MotoGP events, the following tips should always serve you well:

It Pays to Shop Around – It’s never a good idea to accept the first odds you come across. Open an account with several reliable online bookmakers, and check each of them to find the most advantageous odds. While most are going to be similar, there are cases when one bookmaker gives odds that are quite different than their competitors.

Study the Courses – Each Moto GP course is different, and some favor a certain style of riding over another. Know the courses and how each driver performs under specific track conditions. If a driver has suffered a crash on a track, this can also have a psychological impact on their performance. These details can often mean the difference between winning and losing a wager.

Watch the Skies – The weather has a major effect on all outdoor racing events, whether it’s MotoGP, NASCA, or Formula 1. For that reason, the veteran bettor should always pay close attention to the weather forecast in order to anticipate possible track conditions. Some racers perform better under certain conditions, and especially bad weather can create the opportunity for major upsets.

Know the Rankings – Racers accrue points throughout the season, and these rankings are updated throughout the MotoGP year. As the season begins to wind down, riders are under a great deal of pressure to improve their standings in order to contend for the world championship. This can lead a racer to deliver a superior performance, or he may simply take a corner too fast and crash. It’s a risk/reward situation, but it’s one that bettors should always be aware of.

Manage Your Money – The MotoGP season is 18 races long, so there’s no point in risking all your money on the first event of the year. Try to spread your wagers out over the course of the entire season. Not only will your money last longer, but your interest in the sport should also stay at a consistently high level.

Wagering Options for MotoGP

Regardless of which online sportsbook you choose, the following are the betting option you’re likely to find for MotoGP events:

Winning Driver – This is about as straightforward as it gets when it comes to betting on motorcycle racing. The bettor wagers on a specific driver and collects a payout if that racer finishes in first place.

Top 3 Finish – Also known as a podium finish, this wager pays out if the racer is first, second, or third at the conclusion of the event. Variations on this wager include the Top 5 and Top 6 wagers.

Pole Position – Prior to the race, each driver takes part in a qualifying run to determine their starting order. This bets pays off if the racer finishes with the best qualifying time and captures the pole position (first spot).

Qualifying Top 3 – While a driver must finish first in the qualifying round to win the pole position wager, this option pays out if the racer comes in first, second, or third.

Rider vs Rider – Two racers are listed. In order to win, the bettor needs to pick the rider with the higher finishing position.

Without Driver – If one driver (such as Marc Marquez) is a heavy favorite, the bettor may have the option of wagering on the outcome without this individual being included in the odds.

Without Group of Drivers – An expanded version of the previous example may include several drivers who are widely expected to win the race. The bettor may have the option of choosing a winner or highest finisher from among the rest of the field.

To Complete the Race – Crashes and mechanical failure are a part of MotoGP, and this wager allows the bettor to predict whether or not a racer will be able to cross the finish line.

Fastest Lap Time – The time it takes each racer to complete a lap around the course is recorded. By correctly choosing the driver with the fastest lap time, the bettor can pick up a payout. The type of track and weather conditions can play a large part in this type of bet.

Number of Accidents – The bettor could be asked to wager on a specific number of accidents, or he might be required to predict whether the total number of crashes will be higher or lower than a number listed by the bookmaker.

Common Betting Odds

The most common odds for MotoGP wagering are in fractional or moneyline form. Both are explained in this section.

Fractional – These odds are expressed in the following manner: 1/5 or 4/1. The number on the left side is how much you can win, and the number on the right is the amount of the wager. In the case of 1/5, a wager of $5 would win you $1. By the same token, risking $100 would result in a $20 win (since 5 can be divided 20 times into 100).

Moneyline – Common with North American bookmakers, this form of odds includes a number with either a plus or minus symbol in front of it. Let’s look at both in turn:

+150 – The underdog is expressed with a plus symbol in front. This indicates how much you can win on a $100 bet. In this example, a $100 wager would bring you $150 in winnings (plus your original amount).

-150 – The favorite racer is expressed in this fashion, and the number indicates how much you’ll need to bet in order to win $100. So in this case, a $150 risk could win you $100 (plus your initial wager).