Live Betting Online

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015.

If you like to live on the edge and make split-second decisions, then you should consider giving in-play betting a try. It’s the fastest growing sector within the world of online gambling, and it provides a thrill that’s on par with roller coasters, high-speed car chases, and bungee jumping.

What Is In-Play Betting

With most forms of sports gambling, the bettor wagers on an event prior to it taking place. However, that’s not the case with in-play betting (also known as in-running betting for horse races). This form of sports wagering allows the bettor to risk their money while the game is actually taking place, factoring in the most recent information available.

For some, the pace and pressure of live betting are simply too nerve-racking. For others, it represents the ultimate high in gambling. If you’re unsure of which category you fall into, then I suggest giving it a try and deciding for yourself.

Sports Available for In-Play Betting

The in-play options for various sports differ from one sportsbook to another, but I wanted to provide our readers with a basic idea of what they can expect. Therefore, I scoured the Bovada website to see which events were included among their in-play wagering section. Here’s what I found:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • Canadian Football League
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • European/International Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • European/International Hockey
  • All Major Soccer Leagues
  • ATP Tennis
  • WTA Tennis
  • European Golf
  • PGA Golf
  • WPGA Golf
  • Cricket

Sports like boxing, MMA, NASCAR and horse racing weren’t listed with in-play options at Bovada, but it doesn’t hurt to check their site at a later date is you’re especially interested in doing business with them. If you like to keep your options open, you can always visit other online bookmakers to find different possibilities.

Advantages of Live Wagering

There are numerous advantages to betting on a sporting event while it’s taking place. Here are just a few of the positives: Increased Excitement – With most forms of wagering, you bet your money and then sit back and wait for the conclusion of the game to see if you’ve won or lost. With in-play gambling, you can jump in with a new wager at any moment in the match, and this creates a sense of urgency and excitement that can’t be matched by old school sportsbetting.

Reduced Risk – When you wager before the start of a contest, there are so many factors that you can’t be aware of. Is a star player’s injury going to get aggravated during play and force him to withdraw? Is the weather going to turn nasty? When you’re betting live, there are fewer questions to answer and less overall risk.

Larger Returns – Since there’s more data available, the informed bettor can take advantage of the situation and turn the odds to their favor. This means a potential for larger overall returns.

Online Viewing – Some online sportsbooks offer live viewing of all available in-play contests. This is the ultimate in convenience, as you can place instant bets while still keeping an eye on the action. Just make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.

Tips for In-Play Gambling

While live betting can take some getting used to, the following tips are meant to help you hit the ground running.

Player Ejection – When you’re betting on live soccer matches, always watch for players being disqualified or sent off late in the game. This is especially useful for in-play wagering on the over/under, as the team in the lead is likely to play more defense after a starter is ejected. After the game goes past the 75th minute, it becomes highly probable that the team in the lead will hang on for the win (even without one of their starters).

If the send-off occurs within the first 15 minutes of a match, then you should expect the opposing team to score at least one goal in response. This can be attributed to an increase in momentum, as well as the extra fatigue incurred by opponents who are trying to compensate for a missing teammate.

The only time you should disregard this advice is when a player on a dominant team gets disqualified. In this case, his teammates and replacement may continue to coast to a victory with little effort.

Underdog Scores First – Let’s say an underdog team is going on the road to play a superior team. If the underdog scores first, it’s statistically likely that the home team will even up the score and even take the lead later in the game. This happens more than 79% of the time, which means a quick-thinking bettor can take advantage of in-play odds after the visiting underdog comes out and shocks everyone with an early score.

Watch the Weather – Whether you’re wagering on cricket or Formula 1 racing, the weather can play a major factor. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so betting hours before a match can still leave you unprepared for surprise showers or snow. By choosing in-play betting, you may even be aware of rain and lighting before the players on the field.

Bet in the Moment – Once the match starts, it’s best to forget about all the preconceived notions you had coming in. All those careful estimates can go right out the window thanks to an unexpected turnover or player injury. Base your live wagers on what’s going on in the present, not what you were expecting to happen several days ago.

Don’t Forget Your Research – While it’s best to approach a live event from a fresh perspective, you also don’t want to forget about your research. By knowing how teams and players perform under certain circumstances, you can capitalize when those exact situations begin to unfold during the course of play.

Check for Updates – Most sportsbooks with live betting update their odds every 30 to 60 seconds. You should scan these often to find new updates that work to your advantage.

Tempo – The flow of a game is important, as it can give a clear indication of whether a contest is going to be high-scoring or a defensive struggle. You should always try to get a feel for the tempo of an event and bet accordingly with the over/under.