Depositing Money to Online Casinos in 2021

by James Carter on January 04th 2016. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

Online Casino Deposit Options Depositing money to online casinos is easy regardless of where you live although players outside of the US have it easier. As this guide will explain, US players have only a few deposit options that work while players outside of the US generally have tens of them.

The above list of deposit methods that online casinos accept is mostly for US players — I will update the list soon with information on deposit options that are more familiar and available for players outside of the US as well.

What Is the Best Online Casino Deposit Method?

While the FAQ below will cover other questions related to depositing money to internet casinos, this is the one that most of you are looking for so I thought I should place it here “above the fold.”

  • USA: Credit and debit card deposits are the easiest by far. You get to make the deposit online by entering your card’s details, the money arrives on your player account instantly and online casinos rarely charge any fees for processing card deposits (although Bovada Casino deducts a 4.9% fee).
  • Non-USA: You have so many great options that naming one would do injustice to the others – credit and debit cards, online bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller and Click2Pay are just some examples. Most of the online casino deposit options that non-US players have are fast, convenient and relatively cheap.

Internet Casino Deposits – FAQ

Are all deposit options secure?
If you play at reputable online casinos, it’s highly unlikely that they would allow you to use an unsafe deposit method for the sole reason that if you’re unable to make a deposit, or the deposit is delayed,

What’s the fastest way to deposit money to online casinos?
For US players, card deposits are the only instant deposit methods available; for non-US players players, there are plenty of instant options, and the best way to see the speed of your deposit method is to look at the ‘Banking’ page on your online casino’s website – you’ll often find all the deposit options listed there along with how long it takes for those deposits to process.

Does my deposit method affect my cashout method?
That’s a good question. For US players, you generally have to withdraw your money via checks if you deposit with credit, debit or gift cards. And – again, usually – if you deposit via MoneyGram®, you have to withdraw using those methods unless the online casino doesn’t allow withdrawals using those services, in which case check cashouts are once again your only option.