Poker News: Mike Postle Cheating?, FanDuel-PokerStars Merger

Poker News Roundup, Mike Postle

This week’s poker news is headlined by a continuing cheating scandal that has rocked the poker world. Renowned poker player Mike Postle has been accused of cheating and while the official investigation has just begun, online poker sleuths have caught him red-handed.

Postle Accused Of Cheating On Live Streamed Cash Games

The poker world was rocked by a massive controversy this past week when Mike Postle was accused of cheating on live-streamed, low-stakes cash poker games. The controversy started when a commentator from the Stones Live Poker at Stones Gambling Hall named Veronica Brill accused Postle of cheating following more than a year of him winning while following seemingly unorthodox strategies. Postle’s winning streak includes an estimated $250,000 in cash earnings.

Veronica Brill posted video of an example in which she thought Mike Postle was cheating in a live cash game. In the video, Postle was playing in a very deep stacked $1-$3 game in which he raised and four-bet to $5,000 with Ace-2 on a board that read Q-Q-4-5 after four other players checked the flop. Another incident that has been talked about involved Postle check-calling a river bet with 8-8 when his opponent had a 10-10 on a 9-9-3-10-8 board. Later on the broadcast, Postle told commentators that the RFID technology used to read the card holes malfunctioned.

The allegation is that Postle was using the RFID card reader, which shows the broadcast what cards he has, to somehow figure out what other players had in their hands too. That way Postle new who and what he was betting against every single time. He would constantly check his phone to get the intel and then make bets based on what his opponent would have. It looks like he had a hand from inside the casino, which sent the data to his phone, but we don’t know that for sure.

You’re not going to find a poker player that believes Postle was not cheating but the official investigation into his gaming practices has just begun.

FanDuel Owner Buys PokerStars Parent Company For $6 Billion

The largest online gaming company in the world now owns the largest poker site in the world as the company that owns FanDuel has purchased the PokerStars parent company for an incredible $6 billion sum. Flutter Entertainment, which owns and operates FanDuel, announced the acquisition of the Stars Group last week. In 2018 alone, those two companies combined for a massive $4.66 billion in revenue. While PokerStars currently only operates in New Jersey, they are set to launch in Pennsylvania in the near future with the potential to expand operations over the coming years. With more and more states passing legislation to legalize online gambling, all eyes will be on Flutter Entertainment as it continues to expand its operations and cash flow.

Nitis Udornpim Wins This Year’s WPT Maryland At Live! Casino Main Event

Nitis Udompim is the big winner of this year’s WPT Maryland At Live! Casino Main Event. Udompim beat out a field of 495 cardplayers to earn a whopping $319,415 with the victory. It was the first ever cash for the Baltimore resident on the WPT main tour. It was also his sixth final-table finish of the year so far.

Udoornpim has now earned $477,918 so far this year and we still have a few months of gaming to go before we flip the calendar. In addition to the cash winnings, Udompim earned 1,080 Card Player of the Year points for the victory.