Super Bowl 50 Props: Gatorade, Halftime, Postgame Betting Odds


One of the best parts about betting on the Super Bowl is that you can literally bet on every aspect of it. From halftime props to postgame antics, there are lots of lines to look through.

One of the main halftime props that everyone is handicapping right now is the song with which Coldplay opens. The favorite, according to the odds, is Adventure of a Lifetime (+200) but you may want to pass as that song doesn’t necessarily have the most vigorous introduction.

Songs like Fix You (+375), A Sky Full Of Stars (+450) and Clocks (+750) are all slower songs that are more likely to be used to wind down the halftime. Something like Viva La Vida (+450) or A Head Full Of Dreams (+1000) are a little more enthusiastic and could be a better choice.

At the end of the game, one of the key props that everyone is watching for is to see which color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. This has been a celebratory tradition for nearly 30 years now and only three coaches have missed the dousing over their last 14 Super Bowls.

Although the classic orange color is favored at +125, it’s not always a great bet. For example: ‘clear’ cashed in for four straight years from 2007 to 2010. Last year, the champion New England Patriots poured blue liquid on coach Bill Belichick. If the team that wins Super Bowl 50 sticks with its team colors, Carolina is blue and Denver is orange.

There are many other postgame props that could present some value but one that looks particularly strong is the Peyton Manning retirement prop. The odds are at -1000 that he won’t announce his retirement in a postgame interview, but there could be good value with ‘yes’ at +500 odds.

For starters, it’s been his worst year as a professional with just nine touchdown passes and 17 interceptions in the regular season. His arm strength is clearly not what it used to be, and neither is his accuracy.

Compound that with the injuries that he’s dealt with and the fact he was reportedly overheard telling New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick that it’s his “last rodeo” after the AFC Championship Game, and it’s very possible that he calls it a career on Sunday – win or lose.