Super Bowl Props: Coin Toss, Anthem, Halftime, Gatorade


The Super Bowl matchup is set as the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head in Super Bowl 52. While fans for both teams prepare for their clash in the biggest game of them all, fans from other teams will look forward to the game with a greater focus on the entertainment value of the event. There are literally hundreds of prop bets available online for the Super Bowl, including some staples that should be popular bets for everyone who is interested in watching the event this Sunday. Here is a closer look at some of the fun props to be on for the NFL’s championship game:

Coin Toss

There isn’t another sporting event in the world in which the coin toss becomes must-see television. That is certainly the case with the Super Bowl as thousands place their bets on heads or tails before the big game. There is no real science behind picking heads or tails. However, each of the last four coin tosses at the Super Bowl has turned up tails. Will that trend continue? Each side of the coin is at equal odds, so you can choose between heads or tails at -105 odds.

National Anthem

The national anthem is another can’t-miss event at the Super Bowl as fans watch closely to see just how long the rendition takes. This year’s performer will be Pink and the OVER/UNDER for her performance of the Star Spangled Banner is set at two minutes. The OVER is available at -140 odds while the UNDER comes in at even odds.

The question is whether she’ll be stretching this out, which she’s favored to do. If she starts hanging on the notes, it could easily go OVER the number and hit 2:20 or 2:30. If it’s a straightforward singing, we’re likely looking at 10 to 15 seconds UNDER the number.

Halftime Performance

Justin Timberlake will be handling the Super Bowl halftime duties and there are a number of props focused on his show. You can bet on everything from the length of the show to what color his shoes will be to whether he’ll come out wearing a hat to start the performance (Yes is at +110). You can even bet on whether the other members of his former boy band ’NSYNC will show up. Yes is at +200 while No is favored at -300. It wouldn’t be a surprise, as you might recall that when Beyonce was tapped for the halftime show, she brought out the members of Destiny’s Child.

Gatorade Color

Last but not least, remember that you can bet on the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped on the head of the winning coach. The betting favorite for the Gatorade color is the Lime/Green/Yellow color, which has been a popular choice over the years. That’s listed at +250. Orange is listed at +300 followed by Red, Blue and Clear/Water at +400. The long shot is Purple at +1000. The broadcast does an excellent job of making sure the Gatorade shower is shown more than once, which gives everyone a chance to distinguish the color.