Casino News: Michigan Woman’s Lottery Win Sent to Spam Folder, Texas Man Bet $4.5 Million on Super Bowl from Gas Station

Mattress Mack Super Bowl Bet

This week’s casino news starts off in Michigan where a woman nearly missed out on a million-dollar jackpot. Luckily, she checked her SPAM folder just in time.

Michigan Woman Wins Lottery After Looking In Spam Folder

Here’s a reminder to always check your SPAM folder to see if something fell in there as one woman in Michigan just found that out. Laura Spears decided to play Mega Millions on December 31st of and she happened to match all five white balls to hit the $1 million prize. On top of that, she also played a “megaplier” on the card and tripled her earnings to $3 million.

Spears said that she bought the ticket online and never even thought about looking at her iLottery account to see if she was the winner. It was only when she started looking for a missing email from somebody else that she caught a glimpse of her major winnings in her spam folder.

Had she not found the email for a full year after placing the ticket, her winnings would have been completely revoked and reduced to zero. Thankfully, she avoided that outcome and got herself a huge payday.

Man Gambles $4.5 Million From Gas Station

When an idea hits you, there are times when you got to just act quickly upon it. That was exactly the case for this Texas furniture store owner Mattreck Mack. Mack, whose real name is Jimmy McIngvale, has infamously placed major wagers on baseball games, just placed a massive bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to win the Super Bowl.

The bet was set at $4.5 million last week. According to a few reports, he decided to place this ridiculously large wager while sitting at a gas station in Louisiana. Texas doesn’t currently have legal online sports betting, so he traveled down to place his bet on a regulated sportsbook in the state over.

He had apparently made the bet because his store is doing a promotion at the moment. If the Bengals win the Super Bowl, free mattresses will be awarded to customers. McIngvale’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $300 million for now.

PokerStars, FOXBet Apps Down After Maintenance Issue

This weekend hasn’t been kind to FOXBet and Poker Stars. Their real-money apps have been down for a few days, which means sports bettors and poker players haven’t been able to play. Their verified account on Twitteredclaims that the outage was caused by unscheduled maintenance. They also apologized for any inconveniences that the outage might have caused the players but it’s unclear if any compensation was offered.

A Stars Group spokesperson came out and cleared the air about some bettors worrying about a potential data breach or privacy issue. It was made clear that the issue was strictly technological and that they are working diligently to get it all sorted out. It was also clarified that players are still able to log in and manage their accounts but that no account balances were affected by the random error.

The outage is a pretty major deal in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey. PokerStars is the largest online poker operator throughout Pennsylvania and FOXBet is ranked sixth in the state among mobile sports betting operators. All upcoming tournaments in those three states were also canceled through 10 ET Monday because of the error.