Casino News: NASA Employee Wins $1 Million Mega Millions Prize, North Carolina Sports Betting Bill Alive Again

NASA Mega Millions Jackpot

A NASA employee has won a million-dollar lottery. Did she use her astrophysics background to earn the win or was it pure luck? Read on to find out as we start off our weekly recap of the casino news.

NASA Employee Explains How She Won $1 Million On Virginia Lottery

Norma Farr, a senior group leader for NASA, just came away with one of the biggest wins of her lifetime. She was able to correctly match up to five numbers in the Mega Millions draw in Virginia and apparently, there was some science behind it. Since Farr had to overcome 1 in 12,607,306 odds in order to win over $1 million in earnings and is from NASA, some just had to find out the details. For the record, she did miss the Mega Ball number, which could have doubled or tripled her winnings, that number ended up being one.

Farr was asked if she used some intense mathematical equation in order to deduce what numbers she picked, but she remained honest and said that she had allowed the lottery to pick for her. The Easy Pick button let the lottery’s random number generator pick her numbers and her luck did the rest.

There are people out there that used their intelligence to try to win these lotteries. A Michigan couple by the names of Jerry and Marge Selby realized that their state lottery had a huge flaw in their mathematics. They were able to work around that flaw and netted themselves just under $27 million dollars.

North Carolina Sports Betting Bill Gets Picked Up Again in House

It was looking really bleak for the sports betting bill in North Carolina but it has randomly been brought back to life the last few days. It had spent over two months just sitting in the House of Representatives in order to undergo further evaluation but that has finally changed. The legislation got together and voted in favor of the bill 12-4.

The bill would allow the state lottery to hand out at the max 12 sports betting licenses to qualified operators. Those licenses would cost $500,000 initially with $100,000 renewals every five years.

However, residents can’t get too excited just yet as the bill has a long way to go. They must gain approval from three additional House committees to get it to the floor and try to advance it even further.

DraftKings Has Unexpected Third Quarter Decline That Has People Disappointed

DraftKings stock is taking a serious hit right now. It was reported that the massive sports betting giant is nearing its lowest stock levels since May this year. The shares dropped 2.5% recently, which adds to the nine percent in total that they have lost in just this past month alone. Analysts had expected the company’s shares to lose out on $1.06 on sales of $236.6 million, but they ended up losing $1.35 on $213 million during September.

A few analysts that were heavily disappointed with the output, but the future doesn’t look too grim just yet. NFL bettors’ success had played a massive factor in their big decline as the house had some bad luck go their way.

Investors are still worried though that the company just won’t be profitable for some time. There is a lot of faith that it will turn around shortly, but there is growing impatience surrounding DraftKings.