Casino News: Ohio Casinos Have $178 Million in February, Detroit Casinos Win $94 Million in the Same Span

Ohio Casino Revenues

As we move through the month of March, we’re starting to see some of the February revenue numbers trickle out. We’ll start off in Ohio where the casinos have done really well once again.

Ohio Casinos Win $178.7 Million In February

The revenue numbers from Ohio casinos have been reported and the revenues are quite impressive. It was just announced that the four casinos in the state were able to bring in $75.2 million in the month. These numbers count for an 11.3 percent increase compared to February of 2021. The rest of the money came from their seven racinos, totaling $103.5 million. This number was a 13.7 percent increase compared to this time last year.

In total, Ohio saw $178.7 million get brought in from gamblers in February. These are pretty similar numbers from what they reeled in during the month of January, which turned out to be $171 million.

Ohio has fallen a bit behind other states in the country due to not having sports betting available. However, it got itself legalized towards the end of 2021 and is going to be arriving towards the end of 2022 if the previous estimations are correct.

Detroit Casinos Win $94.7 Million During February

The city of Detroit, Michigan had itself a fine month of February in regards to casino gaming revenue. Out of the three casinos that are based in the area, they were able to total $94.7 million in gambling revenue. All of this revenue came from table games and slot machines, as they totaled a net profit of $95.6 million. They actually dropped roughly $870,000 from their online sports betting.

Table games and slot machines reported a decent 10.6 percent increase in revenue compared to February of 2021. However, their total gaming revenue fell 3.4 percent compared to January of 2022.

After winning a record $1.454 billion worth of revenue during 2019, Detroit casinos have struggled to bounce back fully. In 2020, they were only able to bring in $639 million. In 2021, they got close to their record total but fell short at $1.294 billion.

Will Bettors Be Able To Bet Player Props During March Madness?

As different states have worked towards legalizing sports betting, there has been one consistent theme when it comes to college sports: bettors can not wager on player props. For the most, bettors have long been able to bet on these in offshore markets but the American markets have not permitted this as of yet. The main thinking is that these players are not paid a salary to play, so they might be vulnerable to shaving points, doing something fishy, or not playing by the rules.

However, it does look like the tides are turning a little bit as FanDuel Sportsbook has said it is offering player props for the NCAA Tournament. For the most part, these are just basic lines like who’ll win the Most Outstanding Player award. At any rate, this could be the starting point for the regulated markets to become much more friendly to these types of bets.