Poker News: Ryan Torgerson, Ron McMillen, Alan Goehring Win WSOP Events

WSOP Update

This week’s poker news hones in on the headlines from the 2020 World Series of Poker. With all of the action happening as we speak, we’re going to hear about a lot of winners coming in. Let’s take a closer look three of the big victors from this past week.

Follow Runner-Up Finish, Torgerson Wins WSOP Bracelet Next Day

Life comes at you fast. Ryan Torgerson finished second place in the $1,000 no-limit hold’em six-max event on Friday. Less than 24 hours later, he finished the job by winning the $600 no-limit hold’em monster stack event. Torgerson had to cut through a field of 2,074 entries, which included with 569 re-buys. He ended up collecting $172,361 for the win but didn’t do too badly the night before when he won $116,379 on Friday.

Taking a look at the rest of the top finishers from Saturday, Brandon Lenn was able to capture second place in the online poker event, winning him $106,508. Sam Grizzle came in third, winning $77,725 while Eric Blair finished fourth and took home $57,229. The top 330 finishers in this event were able to bring home money.

Talk about a productive couple of days for Torgerson. He reeled in $288,740 in just over 24 hours of action.

McMillen Wins WSOP Bracelet In First-Ever Online Tournament

When they talk about first-time luck, it doesn’t usually refer to winning poker tournaments outright at the World Series of poker.

Ron McMillen is a poker veteran who has made a total of over $150,000 throughout his career but he had never played in the World Series of Poker. After just one event, he not only added a WSOP bracelet but also picked up a huge payday. McMillen entered the $1,000 buy-in six-max no-limit hold’em event and he finished in first place, taking home $188,214.

McMillen was able to overcome 658 total entries with 368 re-buys. The top 143 finishers also received money with the minimum payout being $1,656. In total the event prize pool floated to $974,700.

Goehring Wins His First WSOP Bracelet

Alan Goehring used to be one of the biggest poker players in the world before as he is a two-time World Poker Tour champion. He was the first player to ever win more than a million dollars on a tour. However, after several big wins, Goehring decided to take a break from competing in poker tournaments.

He’s back and he’s back with a vengeance. Returning to the field at the World Series of Poker, Goehring cut through a field of 1,479 entries to pick up the win at the $500 no-limit hold’em freezeout event. He earned a $119,399 payday for his efforts. The prize pool had swelled to $665,550 and the top 207 finishers were able to bring home some money.

Taking a look at the rest of the top three, Ross Gottlieb placed second at the event and took home $73,942. Meanwhile, Randy Ohei finished third and ended up with $52,511.

Of course, like all other WSOP events right now, this one was played out online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.