Safest Poker Sites for US Players in 2020

by James Carter on January 5th, 2016. Updated on January 2, 2020. 

Safe Poker SitesBefore investing your hard-earned money, I'm sure you'd like to know which poker sites process your deposits and withdrawals safely, which sites have the fairest games and give no player an unfair advantage over others, and which sites are the least likely to "go under."

Based on our experience, this is a legitimately good list trustworthy sites.

The following US poker sites do a great job at:

  • Processing money transactions fast.
  • Servicing customers professionally.
  • Providing a safe and secure online poker experience in general.

Top US Sites in 2020

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There are two scenarios for USA players:

  1. You play in Delaware, Nevada or New Jersey, in which case you can play at a site that's 100% legal and operates as a licensed online poker room in a state that has regulated internet poker, like However, these sites have had a lot problems with geolocation (you can only play within the states) and money transactions which make the gaming experience frustrating and certainly less enjoyable than at other established online poker rooms.
  2. You play in any other state, in which case Ignition Poker is the safest US poker site you can go for - with all the experience, fastest cashouts and great reputation, none of the other sites come even close to Ignition Poker.

Which online poker sites are legally safe for US players?

The safest poker sites in the US are the ones that have a license to operate in states with regulated online poker. So far, the only states that have regulated internet poker are the three states mentioned above. These poker sites are as legally safe as can be since playing internet poker has been legalized in those states.

Poker sites that accept USA players but have no license to operate in the USA are less safe, however, I would still say that Carbon Poker is the safest poker site for USA players if you live in any state other than the three mentioned above. Still, poker sites without a license have been shut down for the US players by the Department of Justice (just see the cases of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker).

Which US poker sites have the safest deposits and withdrawals?

Logically your money is secure at sites that operate in states with legal online poker. It sounds very unlikely that you would be cheated out of your money at a state-licensed online poker site. So again, if you live in any of the three states, you'll make the safest poker deposits and withdrawals with them.

As far as less secure US poker sites (the ones without a license), it's hard to say which of them have the most secure payment processing - what I do know, though, is that Carbon Poker delivers fast cashouts and accepts VISA credit, debit and gift cards.

But remember: when you deal with sites without an online poker license in the US, the site may fold for a variety of reasons and you may have a hard time getting the money that belong to you. (I've lost about $4,000 in a similar situation.)

Conclusion: Ignition is on top of the list of safest poker sites for US players in every way excluding licensed sites in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.