Casino News: Caesars and Indianapolis Colts Announce Partnership, Virgin Galactic Launches Sweepstakes for a Trip into Space

Indianapolis Colts Caesars Entertainment Sports Betting Deal

This week’s casino news starts off with Caesars as they’ve launched into a new partnership with an NFL team. We’ve got the latest scoop for you along with the special sportsbook bonus.

Caesars Sportsbook Partners with Indianapolis Colts, Offer $500 Rebate For Depositors

History was made recently when the partnership between Caesar’s Sportsbook and the Indianapolis Colts was announced. They’ve wasted little time as the partnership comes with a promotion, which new Caesars customers a $500 discount on season tickets for all Colts games next season.

There are a few steps that you have to take in order to be eligible for this promotion, though. First of all, you would have to buy season tickets for the 2022 season with each new member purchasing two tickets per contest. Then you would have to create an account for Caesars Sportsbook and then make your first deposit, and then wager at least $50

Caesars has been rallying all over the country lately, especially in the NFL community. Along with the new agreement with the Colts, Caesars was able to get the naming rights for the Superdome. The New Orleans Saints stadium happens to be hosting the Super Bowl in the year 2024 as well, so that will get their sportsbook good exposure.

Sweepstakes Awards $900,000 Tickets To Get On Board Virgin Galactic

Talk about winning the lottery.

Virgin Galactic organized the event and saw 164,338 people enter in for a chance to take the flight into space. The money, which was raised for Space for Humanity, a non-profit organization, totaled up to $1.7 million from the whole sweepstakes.

It was an incredible day for one mother-daughter duo as Keisha Schahaff, a health and energy coach, only entered her name into the sweepstakes because it would be a dream come true for her and her family. She also said that her daughter has dreams of working for NASA, so it would be a perfect opportunity for her to learn more about it.

Virgin Galactic didn’t announce when they will be able to take the trip, but they did say that those two will be at the front of the line no matter what. The first commercial launches for Virgin Galactic hope to start sometime in 2022, though there is no precise date.

William Hill Shuttering Three Online Casino Brands Getting Shuttered In 2022

William Hill plans to make some big changes at the start of the new year. The company, which was just purchased by Caesars Entertainment, announced that three of their online casino brands over in Europe will be shut down entirely. Those three brands are EuroGrand, 21 Nova, and William Hill Casino Club. The decision will be taking effect at the beginning of 2022.

All patrons were given a January 24th date to withdraw all of their funds or to transfer their accounts for some extra rewards. These brands will also avoid accepting any new members, so no more accounts can be created even though we are a month away from the target.

This isn’t much of a surprise to people who have kept close tabs on Caesar’s acquisition of William Hill. It was known out of the gate that the company didn’t have any plans to hold onto the 1,400 UK shops that William Hill had a grip on. Caesars will likely continue to make changes to their newly owned brand.