Easiest Poker Sites for US Players

by James Carter on January 19th 2016.

Easy Online PokerThe easiest way to increase your winrate is to choose a poker room with soft competition. It makes little sense to play against better players and all the sense in the world to play against those who you can win money from.

The following US poker sites are the easiest because they have:

  • Highest player traffic in the US.
  • Casino and sportsbook gamblers that play poker with the same account.
  • Big bonuses.

Top US Sites in 2019

Rank Site Rating Bonus Visit
1. Ignition Poker logo




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2. Intertops logo




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3. BetOnline  logo




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Why Is Ignition Poker the Easiest?

Ignition is the easiest poker site for USA players and here’s why:

  • Friendly to recreational players. “Educated” players dislike Ignition right now because they have anonymous tables (you can’t take notes on your opponent or use a software to track your opponent’s statistics). That increases the recreationals vs. skilled players ratio.
  • Casino and video poker customers. Ignition is also well-known for its casino and excellent video poker – therefore there are a lot of gamblers than can use their casino/betting account to play in the poker room, and playing against gamblers is like printing money.

Smart poker players look for the easiest poker sites to play at. I decided to write down some thoughts on the subject – here’s my opinion on which US poker sites you should play at to get the most bang for your buck.

What makes a poker site “easy”?

Simply put, the easiest online poker sites are the ones where you find it the easiest to make money. The level of your opponents, the rake percentage that the site takes and the bonuses and promotions the site offers all make a difference.

So is there a USA-friendly poker site that qualifies for all the criteria?

Sadly, no. You have to compromise, but the most important thing is always the level of your opponents. A small bonus and a higher rake matters little if you get super-easy opponents to play against. It’s a mistake to let promotions and such (or rakeback) to influence your decisions too much.

In fact, I think it’s logical that the higher the rake, the easier the opponents because “educated” players hate high rake and they rather play elsewhere (where all the other educated players play) and leave higher rake games to recreational players who have little idea of the rake percentage (the easiest opponents). Against soft competition, you just apply some tight-aggressive strategy and you’re golden.

Another important characteristic of easy poker sites is what kind of players they cater to – for example, has the poker site got a casino and sportsbook with it which means there are likely some serious gamblers at the poker tables, or does the site appeal to recreational players in other ways that makes the ratio of recreational players to skilled players higher?

The new regulated poker sites in the US (Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey) consist of majority of good games. Those are still relatively small sites that serious players tend to avoid because it’s harder to find opponents.

The key to finding the easiest poker sites in the US or elsewhere is not to look at trivial things like rakeback or whether the rake is a little bit higher or whether the bonus is a little bit bigger – rationalize to yourself which poker site tempts the most recreational players and drives away “educated” players.

Then attack those.