Online Poker Payouts

by James Carter on January 06th 2016. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

The following list of real-money USA poker sites contains only the sites that process withdrawals in a reasonable time (Bovada is clearly the fastest option since it only takes about 7 days to process check withdrawals). I have left out sites like Lock Poker that now take several months to process withdrawals and I refuse to list them on this site so you wouldn’t sign-up at such sites even by accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Withdraw Money via Checks?

  1. Go to your player account’s cashier.
  2. Select “check” or “cheque” as the withdrawal method.
  3. Enter your details.
  4. Request the check.
  5. You’ll be sent a check which you can turn into money at your local bank.

Why Not to Take Check Withdrawals?

US players have limited online poker withdrawal options so many have no chance but to withdraw their money via a check. (Have you considered using MoneyGram®?)

The negative aspect of making an online poker check withdrawal is the amount of time it takes for the site to process the check (the withdrawal time is usually at least several weeks).

A bank might also decide not to clear your check; because of the UIGEA, they are prohibited from processing “unlawful” online gambling transactions. (In most cases this is not a problem.)

How to Make Online Poker Check Deposits?

Check deposits are slow and unpopular; you may end-up waiting 5-10 business days to get the money into your player account. In case you insist on using a check to make a poker deposit, consider electronic checks – they’re faster and more secure.

How Are Cashier’s and Personal Checks Different?

A cashier’s check (also known as “bank check” or “bank draft”) is a cheque that has already been paid for. It has already been bought by the bank and therefore makes it a safer payment option.

The bank guarantees the payment, and therefore you should always prefer a cashier’s check over a personal check. (Even cashier’s checks aren’t 100% secure but they are the more secure option.)

Personal checks are backed by the issuing company, or to put
it in a better way: personal checks are backed by the issuer’s checking account. When someone writes you a personal check, you must trust that the individual’s got the money. A cashier’s check, on the other hand, has already been paid for by the issuer in advance.

Which One Should I Use?

a cashier’s check is always better and out of the sites listed on this page, only Bovada sends you a personal check (although Bovada also has the strongest track record and highest traffic out of those sites).

Why Do I Need to Provide a Picture of My Driver’s License?

It’s a standard procedure when making an online poker check withdrawal; the poker rooms usually want you to scan a picture of your driver’s license and an utility bill in order to verify your identity.

Most US online poker rooms allow you to deposit money to the site and only ask for ID verification after you’ve requested a withdrawal, which is annoying but, again, a common procedure.

Obviously I can’t ensure that your information will be safe, but in case you’re dealing with the biggest US online poker sites, the probability of your information being safe is high.