Titan Casino Scam Report

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015.

In Greek mythology, the Titans were powerful beings who ruled over the cosmos as gods. Even though they were eventually overthrown by their own children and assorted younger deities, their name still conjures up images of power and colossal size.

This is undoubtedly where Titan Casino drew the inspiration for the title of their website. Unfortunately, this only thing colossal about their operation is the amount of hassle you’ll have to put up with. In fact, a more appropriate name might have been RMS Titanic Casino, as you’ll notice a distinctive sinking feeling when trying to collect your winnings.

The purpose of this article is to expose some of the scams and frauds employed by Titan Casino. We’ll provide you with examples submitted by real people, all of whom have been mistreated or otherwise swindled by this online operation. Once you’ve completed your reading, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll decide to play elsewhere.

Masters of Deception

The site was started in 2008 as an offshoot of Titan Poker, and they’re powered by Playtech software. The latter doesn’t mean much, though, as the developer has demonstrated a complete lack of oversight on numerous gaming sites. The same goes for their licensing in Antigua and Barbuda. This is supposed to ensure a fair experience, but all it really means is that some politician from the twin-island nation can now afford better jewelry for his mistress.

While a lot of crooked gambling sites specialize in one form of treachery, Titan is more like a jack of all trades. They serve up predatory terms and conditions, slow pay winners, deny payments, and constantly hound their customers to deposit more money. If the Olympic pentathlon involved a variety of cheating tactics instead of sporting events, all the Titan Casino scams and rip-offs would definitely earn them a gold medal.

Problems with Titan Casino

The subject of this article has been cheating customers ever since they opened their virtual doors. While this is a bold claim, I’m confident that the following real-life examples should provide you with adequate reason to look elsewhere for your gambling needs.

March 2011 – When the player in this example first signed up with Titan, they were treated like a king and constantly encouraged to deposit more money. When they would log onto the site, a pop up window would even appear with a helpful customer representative suggesting games and offering additional deposit bonuses.

But once the player won and requested a withdrawal, the mood turned decidedly unfriendly. The casino demanded that a notarized picture ID be mailed to the Philippines, but they never offered to pay for the cost of a notary. They also implied that the customer stood a much better chance of getting paid if he followed their instructions in a timely manner.

August 2012 – After an Australian player had the good fortune to win over $70,000 at the casino, he was horrified to see the money vanish from his account. This came on the heels of a number of technical problems experienced while he was playing various games.

When he failed to reach a satisfactory resolution, the player decided to place a Titan Casino complaint at a watchdog site. They contacted the customer service department, inquired about the matter, and were told the following: “According to the player account, the player never reached this balance but just to 3,111.31 AUD. However, you can tell the player that our technical department ran a technical check in the account and everything is OK with it. Additionally, tell him that his account has been closed due to security reasons.”

While this didn’t answer any questions, it certainly created a few more. Why was the account closed if everything was okay? How was the player supposed to collect their winnings if they couldn’t access their account?

The mediating party contacted them again with these follow-up questions, but Titan failed to reply. Additional calls and emails also met with silence, which speaks volumes about their willingness to assist their players.

September 2012 – After winning at slots and roulette, a player attempted to cash out. Instead of receiving the requested amount, however, he got a much smaller figure that represented the amount of his deposits. When he inquired about the matter, he was informed that he had violated the site’s terms and conditions by playing roulette, which didn’t count towards the bonus.

The player had wagered enough at slots to more than cover the site’s requirements, so he turned to an online watchdog site for help. When Titan was contacted by this mediator, they said they couldn’t discuss the case with a third party because of privacy issues.

October 2012 – A player chose the live blackjack option after depositing 100 euros into his account. At the end of his gaming session, his account showed a total of 450 euros. When he requested a withdrawal, he was told that he still needed to satisfy a wagering requirement.

Since he had not asked for a bonus, the player inquired further. It turns out that the casino had given him a 10 euro bonus without his knowledge, and he would need to wager a whopping 8,250 euros on live blackjack before he could satisfy the requirements.

It should also be noted that Titan Casino provides no way for a customer to check the status of their wagering requirements online. The only option is to send them an email and request an update.

The player explained that he did not ask for the bonus, so he would like it removed. The casino replied with a link to their terms and conditions page. This back and forth went on for some time, with the player never coming any closer to a solution.

September 2014 – While playing online slots at the Flash version of the casino, a player managed to win a number of free games. At that point, the game crashed and refused to reload.

After some trouble contacting customer service, the player was asked to send a screen capture of the problem. The rep then informed him that a decision would be rendered in 24 hours.

The player was told that free games are given out randomly, and there’s no way to award them again in the case of a crash. In other words, the player would just have to suck it up and write off the potential free spins.

A Word of Caution

While it took deities such as Zeus and Poseidon to defeat the Titans of myth, you can vanquish Titan Casino with much less effort. By simply bypassing their site and aligning yourself with a more reputable gaming provider, you can send a clear message that cheats and scam artists won’t be tolerated. If everyone would do their research and snub such operations, the landscape of online gambling would be far less treacherous.

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