Grand Parker Scams and Fraud – 2021 Update

by Shane Rivers on February 19th 2015. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

Playing at this casino is never boring, mainly because you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time afterwards pulling your hair out over their unethical business practices. If developing a bald spot and a potential ulcer is your idea of a good time, then by all means open up a Grand Parker account as soon as possible. For those who would rather have a pleasant gaming experience…well, you get the point.

This article is meant to provide some basic information on the casino, as well as illustrate why you’re better off avoiding their sinister tactics. To accomplish the latter, we’ll list of number of examples provided by frustrated gamblers from across the Internet. If you still want to play there after reading this article, then I’ve got a bridge that I’d love to sell you.

Why You Should Avoid Grand Parker Casino

The main reason to stay away from this online gaming establishment revolves around their connection with Revenue Jet Casinos, which also happens to be directly tied to the infamous Winpalace Group (aka Affactive). The former encompasses Loco Panda, OnBling, Ruby Royal, and Classy Coin, while the latter is made up of Begado, Casino Titan, Jackpot Grand, Golden Cherry, Slots Jungle, Slots of Fortune, and Winpalace Casino.

The Winpalace Group is especially loathed by respected watchdog site Casinomeister, and they’ve awarded them the dubious honor of “Worst Casino Group” in 2010, 2011, and 2013. Their numerous transgressions include slow-paying winners, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks on rivals, and a general unwillingness to get their act together after years of being publically shamed.

It’s also next to impossible to nail down what jurisdiction provides the business with its license. When pressed by a client, one customer service rep mentioned the United Kingdom. This was later amended to Curacao, but the licensing agency for this area has emphatically denied the claim.

So where are they approved for business? Your guess is as good as mine. All anyone seems to know for sure is that they were established in 2011 and use Realtime Gaming software. Anything beyond that is subject to debate.

List of Grand Parker Scams & Complaints

In this section, we’ll list some of the more notable cons and shams attributed to Grand Parker Casino. Not only should this give you a glimpse into their sometimes shady business practices, but it should also serve as a stern warning to anyone who’s thinking about opening an account at their site.

It should be noted, however, that some online casino operators do manage to reform over time. Of course, this usually happens only after their business has been sufficiently eroded due to negative reviews and poor word-of-mouth. Before you completely write off a potential place to gamble online, however, I suggest at least following up on their most recent activities and reports.

December 2010 – The Affactive stable of gambling sites, which has indirect ties to Grand Parker, was voted the worst casino group by Casinomeister. Their evasive and sometimes childlike customer service representatives didn’t do them any favors, but their obsession with slow-paying winners was the main point of contention. Their terms and conditions allow for withdrawals up to $3000 per 10-day business period, but this is determined by “player class.” Since this term is never defined, it means the casino can choose to pay whatever paltry amount they feel like in an effort to frustrate the player.

December 2011 – Affactive once again struck gold with the readers of Casinomeister by winning the award for “Worst Casino Group” in consecutive years. Slow payouts continued to be an issue, but they were put over the top by a denial-of-service attack directed at the servers of rival outfit TopGame. While the subject of this article wasn’t directly involved, their indirect affiliation with such an organization should raise some serious red flags.

November 2012 – In the waning months of 2012, all casinos tied to the Revenue Jet family went offline. Not only were players unable to access the casinos, but they also couldn’t request withdrawals on their winnings. Few details were provided about the situation, and players were left with a general sense that something was fundamentally wrong.

November 2012 – During the same period as the site blackout, a few customers also received checks only to have them bounce when they tried to cash them. But instead of making things right, the casino denied any responsibility (a classic Grand Parker rip-off if there ever was one).

August 2012 – Rashad Lewis attempted to have his winnings withdrawn, but he promptly got the runaround from the customer service department. After submitting his banking details, the frustrated customer was informed that his money had indeed been sent. But when he checked with his bank, poor Rashad learned that this was not the case. Additional emails to the site’s financial department followed, but the situation appears unresolved over two years later. Again, classic Grand Parker scam.

August 2013 – An especially troubling event took place in late August of 2013. According to one customer, they received a special bonus offer via text chat with a casino representative. Next, they were asked to contact the bank that handled their credit card. It turned out that an unauthorized fee for $149 had been rejected, and the casino rep freely admitted that he had attempted to charge this amount to the client’s credit card (without authorization). In addition to this hassle, the customer also never received a bonus amount that they had previously been promised. Truly rogue behaviour.

December 2013 – Casinomeister handed out their annual award for “Worst Casino Group,” and Affactive/Winpalace Group once again took home the top honors. The biggest complaint by customers centered on slow payments, with some unlucky devils having to wait six months or even a year to receive their total winnings. Since Grand Parker is indirectly tied to this group, expect to encounter the same sort of resistance when it comes to obtaining a payout.

This concludes our report on people getting ripped off at Grand Parker Casino. As you can see, their interest in making money far exceeds their desire for quality customer service or even a fair gaming experience. While there’s always hope that this negative behavior may change over time, the smart gambler should find another site to support and leave this potential headache to someone else.

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