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  • August 22, 2016

    Week 3 of the preseason is supposed to be the one that teams care about. Usually, we'll see starters get their heaviest dose of minutes in the third week before resting up in Week 4.

    If you're looking at coaching records, the teams you'll want to be betting on are the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, and you'll want to be betting against the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

  • August 16, 2016

    Since the boom of online poker there has been a constant battle over whether or not it should be legalized. Currently, the online version is only in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. However, there have been more states debating the issue and the latest to get in on the action is California, where the arguments are the same across the board.

  • August 16, 2016

    It finally looks like Steve Wynn has the green light to build a casino in Boston. After long, protracted legal battles, the biggest "single phase" private construction project in the history of the state of Massachusetts is underway.

  • August 16, 2016

    Although it's just one week, some teams should be worried about what they saw in the first wave of preseason football games. The Houston Texans paid a boatload of money to quarterback Brock Osweiler to help open up their passing game and he looked terrible in their opener. And Los Angeles Rams future franchise quarterback Jared Goff looked mediocre in his first outing, throwing an interception.

    However, there were plenty of bright spots too - including the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers' impressive ground games.

  • August 10, 2016

    The gambling scene in Atlantic City has taken quite the beating in recent years with many casinos going bankrupt, employees embroiled in union battles with their employers, and a decline in tourism. Now the next domino has fallen as the Trump Taj Mahal will be closing down. The casino that has been around for 26 years is finally closing its doors, which means that around 3,000 jobs are going with it.

  • August 10, 2016

    Stockton, California might be known best to some as the home of Nick and Nate Diaz, the trash-talking mixed martial arts brothers. However, the city's mayor has found himself in the spotlight recently due to a questionable poker game.

  • August 08, 2016

    The Hall of Fame Game was cancelled, which means the official return of pigskin will happen on Thursday night with Week 1 of the NFL preseason. Although most fans and bettors could care less about the preseason in most sports, it's quite important in the NFL. Not only does it give us a good forecast into the future, but there are also good trends for bettors to work with and much more information circulating to handicap the games.

  • August 03, 2016

    The World Series of Poker has come to a close - at least for now, as there is still the Main Event that will take place October 30-November 1. The November Nine is all ready to go but everything else has wrapped up. So how did the 2016 World Series of Poker go down?

    Have Mercy, Mercier

  • August 03, 2016

    Larry Flynt has long been one of the most powerful people in adult entertainment, as he and Hugh Heffner are the biggest playboys of the business. However, he's managed to build out an enterprise that reaches far beyond magazines as he's run for office, was the subject of a popular movie (that featured Woody Harrelson), and he's invested in casinos. Flynt has recently expanded his portfolio in the gambling industry by opening the Lucky Lady Casino (formerly The Normandie) and his investment is already paying dividends.

  • August 01, 2016

    We're just days away from the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. While there has been plenty of controversy to start - problems in the Olympic village, an athlete getting robbed and dangerous levels of sewage in waterways - the hope is that things go off without a hitch.