Casino News: WSPO Adds Two More Starting Flights, NHL’s Puck Tracers Could Lead to New Prop Bets

NHL Prop Bets

The World Series of Poker was going to be missing a lot of key characters due to flight restrictions. However, the series has adjusted and should now be able to welcome more players. We’ve got the latest casino news for your right here:

World Series of Poker Adds Two More Main Event Starting Flights

International travel restrictions in the United States are expected to ease up a little bit on November 8th, but that originally was too late for foreign players in terms of making it to the main event of the World Series of Poker. The main event was scheduled to run four starting flights from November 4-7. However, with the updated travel ban, the WSOP has added on two new starting flights. Those new flights would take place on November 8th and 9th. It is expected to impact the result of the main event heavily as well as some other smaller events in the series.

There could also be a few more changes in the coming weeks as they continue to sort everything out regarding the impact of COVID-19. Hopefully, everyone can come and play and be a part of the fun.

NHL’s New Puck Tracers Could Lead to Tons Of Prop Bets

If you are a fan of in-game prop betting, then the National Hockey League’s newest addition could give you a multitude of options moving forward. The NHL decided that they could place tubes inside of a regulation hockey puck and place cameras with them in order to track the player and the puck the entire game.

The league attempted to do something similar with microchips but there were too many complaints from the players that the pucks didn’t move the way that they used to. Assuming this new method actually works this time, sportsbooks could have a field day adding more prop bets. One potential prop bet for this new puck would be betting on which player on the ice was able to skate the fastest in the first period of action or throughout the length of the game. Another bet would be on how far the puck traveled during the game.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman used to be vehemently against betting on games but nowadays, he has opened up his stance a lot more.

Sports Legend Bo Jackson Investing in Group for Chicago Casino

Any investments assisting the Chicago group building a casino would be welcome but one from a sporting legend definitely gave them a huge push forward. The group proposing to build Southland Live Casino and locate it in Calumet City in Chicago just got a boost from Bo Jackson. He heard about the proposal and has agreed to become a partner for the organization. The estimated costs are around $275 million dollars and would be an instant competitor to Horseshoe Hammond, another casino in close proximity.

Jackson told the media that the reason he joined the group as a partner was that he wanted to improve the south side of Chicago, admitting that there were a lot of underprivileged kids out there that could use a new glimmer of life in the area.

NBA legend Michael Jordan also ventured off into the gambling world recently. He increased a stake in Sportradar and is also considered a special advisor in DraftKings, owner of one of the largest sportsbooks in the country.