Poker News Roundup: Steven Morris, Vegas Jackpot, Beth Shak


This week’s poker news features a couple of big winners and one big loser, but not in the way you might think. Here’s a recap of this week’s poker news:

Morris Wins partypoker High Roller Event

Steven Morris came out victorious at the partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships Super High Roller event, earning the biggest payday of his career. The event featured a buy-in of $7,399, which resulted in a $97,970 prize for the winner. Nishid Hindocha finished in second place and claimed $62,984, while Xiaoyang Luo finished third and won $44,786.

The field only featured 40 players in total and that’s understandable given the buy-in. There were some major names from the European poker scene in the mix with Tom Middleton and Chris Brammer heading into the final day. However, Morris stuck it out to get the win. He and Hindocha initially discussed a deal when it got down to the two of them. Instead, they decided to play it out and Morris came out on top for a win that gives him enough to go on to the next tournament of the UK Poker Championships.

Lucky Customer At The D Hits $100,000 Jackpot

It’s a pretty good night at the casino when you end up collecting a six-figure paycheck. That’s exactly what happened for one lucky customer at The D, which is located in downtown Las Vegas. The guest, whose identity wasn’t released, was playing video poker and turned a $125 bet into $100,000. What happened was he wound up with a royal flush on a $25 video poker machine. The D tweeted out a picture of the winning machine, using the caption: “Just another massive jackpot at #theD.”

Blind Date Turns Into Hefty Bill For Shak

Beth Shak is well known on the poker scene, earning just under $500,000 for her career so far. However, a recent blind date turned into one of her biggest losses.

Shak, who is also known for her shoe collection, was set up on a blind date with lawyer Mark Jay Krum. The two went out on October 27 and the relationship turned professional as Krum advised Shak to sue her ex-husband, Rick Leventhal of Fox News. As a result, Shak hired Krum to get the process started. Later, though, with her divorce case against Leventhal going well, she decided not to sue. However, Krum had other thoughts and told Shak that he would still bill her $795 an hour if she pulled out of the suit. When she did, he sent her a bill for $135,000 on January 9, including 150 hours of work.

Shak is suing in Manhattan Federal Court to get his bill thrown out. Her understanding was that she had to pay $15,000 to Krum and wouldn’t have to pay any more unless she won her case, the suit says. Krum denies any wrongdoing and said that he would be filing a counterclaim to Shak’s suit.