Poker News Roundup: Sessions, European Union, Seymour


This week’s poker news starts off in the United States where one of the biggest opponents of online poker appears to be backing down. The United States government has sent mixed signals in regards to online gaming but the latest appears to be a positive one for those hoping that poker becomes legalized.

Sessions Backing Off as Online Poker Opponent

Online poker could be losing a key adversary as it has been reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ending his involvement in the battle against online poker and casinos. Sessions was ridiculed by many in the gambling world for saying that he was shocked that the federal government allowed some states to make their own gambling laws. However, he appears to be backing away from this battle with the embattled government having bigger fish to fry.

What’s interesting to note is that Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire owner of the Las Vegas Sands, threw a lot of money to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and he’s been staunchly against online gambling, so it will be interesting to see his reaction if the administration changes its stance on betting.

European Union of Poker is Finally Enacted

A group of European countries are getting together to share in the spoils of online poker. France, Italy, Spain and Portugal have been in talks for a while now about sharing their online poker players and opening up the borders so that players can play in tournaments across all of the countries involved. Previously, each country had allowed poker but didn’t work together. It’s a win for players as now they’ll be able to play in bigger tournaments (involving players from those countries) and have the opportunity to win bigger prizes.

It appears as this deal will be signed on July 6 and could start up by the end of 2017. Look for companies like PokerStars, PartyPoker and Winamax – the three operators that will see a boost from this agreement – to start offering cross-country tournaments and events in a few months.

Seymour Stands Out At World Series of Poker

There are a slew of professional athletes – both former and current – that like to get away from their games and play some poker. But it’s more than just a hobby for some, and one of those people is Richard Seymour, who has been seen holding his own at the 2017 World Series of Poker. The former NFL defensive end went to seven Pro Bowls during his time in New England and Oakland, he was named to three All-Pro teams and the 2000s Team Of The Decade, and he won three Super Bowls with the Patriots. But now Seymour is trying to get a World Series Of Poker bracelet and he’s getting close. He has earned over $125,000 since he retired from the NFL in 2012.

Seymour watches instructional videos on how to play poker and enters every tournament he can. He finished 18th at the $10,000 WPT Five Diamond Main Event in December, so Seymour is no slouch; he could wind up with a beloved WSOP bracelet.