Teacher's Big Win Highlights Poker Headlines


The holiday season is upon us, and for one lucky player it has been a very giving season so far. That positive story leads our headlines of the week from the poker world.

Teacher Collects Big Check

One player earned a little extra for the holidays in a PokerStars $100 Spin & Go tournament last week. A teacher from Bermuda with the handle “jrww86” took home a cool $1.2 million in winnings by outlasting two other players from Belarus and Russia in this tournament, which cost $100 to buy in. He became the third player to win over a million dollars in one of these Spin & Go tournaments in 2016 and the 16th overall millionaire since they started in January 2015. A Spin & Go tournament is a fast-paced tournament in which players can win up to 10,000 times their buy-in amount, and each event has a randomly assigned prize pool. “jrww86” definitely hit the jackpot with this win, just in time for Christmas.

Genting Poker Series 2017 Schedule Announced

The first season of the Genting Poker Series has come to an end as Dan Stanway beat out a field of 301 entries at the Genting Poker Series Sheffield Main Event, which had a buy-in of 440 British Pounds (roughly $546 in American dollars). There were 15 legs of the inaugural season of the Genting Poker Series, which took place all over the United Kingdom, starting in Luton and ending in Sheffield, with stops in Liverpool, Glascow, Reading and Westcliff, among other places. There were 14 different winners for each event, which speaks to the diversity of the competition, with the exception of Colin Gillion, who won two events in Star City and Edinburgh. There is a good chance you’ll see his name again next season.

Looking ahead to 2017 and the second season, the dates are already out for those that want to plan their trips, along with the locations. There will be 18 legs in total, with 17 already confirmed but the final leg is still up in the air. Rumor has it that the folks of the Genting Poker Series are planning something big. The 2017 season starts in Luton on January 18 with another 440-pound buy-in event, which goes for four days. Newcastle and Blackpool are just two of the new stops on the calendar.

PokerVision Arrives in Canada

PokerVision is getting ready to come to the Canadian airwaves starting in 2017 as they look to cash in on poker being a televised game now. To start, the broadcasting plan for the network will be to go across Canada and show different poker events while upping the experience using different types of technology.

In a press release, they say that they’re going to “bridge poker, gaming, e-sports and sports content with previously unseen levels of interactivity”. PokerVision is also going to show reality television along with sports betting shows, which is rare to find in “mainstream” television networks. The current plan is to find their way onto a cable package but there is a hold-up from the CRTC, which regulates Canadian television. That means PokerVision might be an online network at its inception.