NFL Super Bowl: Four Best Prop Bets

As we approach Super Bowl 55, sportsbooks have posted all sorts of props up on the board. Many have massive menus to sift through and we’ve done exactly that. Here are four prop bets available for betting for Super Bowl 55 ranging from in-game performance props to ones that are more on the side of wacky.

National Anthem Length

  • Over-Under 2 Minutes

One of the first props that will be decided will be the length of the singing of the national anthem. This year, we’ll have a duet as R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan will be joined by country crooner Eric Church. It’s going to present an interesting dynamic.

The last three singings have stayed under the two-minute mark. However, each of the three before that all went over.

Who Will Win Super Bowl MVP?

  • Patrick Mahomes: -120
  • Tom Brady: +200

Obviously, each of the team’s quarterbacks are the early favorites for this prestigious award. This award has been handed out to a quarterback in 30 out of the last 54 Super Bowls, so they are typically a good bet. Defensive players are long shots typically while the quarterback usually gets the most credit for offensive success.

As of right now, Mahomes is the lead candidate for the award but much of this award also has to do with winning the game. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are the first non-quarterbacks on the board at +1000 while the first defensive player Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Devin White, who is at +3000.

Color Liquid Poured On Winning Head Coach

Prop Bet Options

  • Lime/Green/Yellow+320
  • Orange+165
  • Red+165
  • Clear/Water+700
  • Blue+800
  • Purple+1100

One of the fun props up on the board is figuring out what color liquid will be poured on the head coach of the winning team. Of course, the liquid is typically Gatorade and this is typically known as the ‘Gatorade’ bath, but we can’t be fully sure that that’s the drink they’re using, so the prop just stipulates ‘liquid’.

Orange normally the favored colored because that’s the brand’s most popular color. However, this year, red is co-favored as the main color of the two teams is predominantly red. It wouldn’t be surprising if that color proved to be the one. Purple is the longest shot on the board at +1100.

The Coin Toss

  • Heads: -103
  • Tails: -103

For this particular prop bet, the payout is equal regardless of which side that you bet on. And in case it’s not clear, what you’re betting on is what will be the result of the opening coin toss when the teams are deciding who’ll get the ball first and which direction they’ll go.

Although there is little control or little handicapping that can go into this, it’s still one of the more popular bets on the board. The only person that has any affect upon this bet is the referee that flips the coin. Players always say “tails never fails” but obviously, it’s just a 50-50 shot to land on tails here.