Florida Man's Bad Night At The Casino Turns Worse After


As the saying goes, when it rains it pours. That proved to be the case for a man from Deerfoot Beach, Florida, who had one of the worst gambling nights anyone can have. And the losses in gambling weren’t even the worst part.

Guy Paul was spending a night out at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, doing what people do at casinos – gambling, drinking, and generally having a good time. However, he would end up taking a bad beat at the tables and in the bedroom.

The 52-year-old was sitting in the High Limit room when a woman with a leopard-print dress caught his eye. The two started talking and getting to know each other, and after Paul’s luck started to run dry at the tables at around four in the morning – he had lost about $25,000 at the time – he invited Dana back to his place.

Dana, a prostitute that’s been known to hang around the high-limit area, proved to have a much darker side. After she provided the services that Paul paid for, the two went to sleep. However, Dana apparently wasn’t that tired because when Paul woke up a couple of hours later, he was missing a lot more than the lady who had been lying beside him.

Dana swept up $30,000 in cash that Paul had hidden in a drawer in his bedroom. The money was savings from the last five years and was stored in three stacks of $10,000. According to him, she discovered the money when he paid her out of that stash. Once he fell asleep, she cleaned it out and took off.

When he woke up hours later, he tried calling her on her cell phone, but – not surprisingly – the calls were not answered. He drove the neighborhood trying to find her and eventually called the police. The woman has been described as being around the age of 26, 5’9″ and around 140 pounds. She wore a leopard-print dress and an orange weave that went to about her shoulders. Likely, those last two things changed very shortly after she left Paul’s residence.

Between the casino gaming and the prostitute, Paul was in the red for about $55,000 for the night. He did not disclose how much he paid for Dana’s services.

Paul’s story is a sad one but one that many bettors might be familiar with – a bad night can always get worse. Bettors often double-up or bet bigger to try to win back their losses, but it rarely works out as planned. In this case, his judgement at the casino, with women, and where to store his savings was skewed and he paid the price.

The Broward Sherriff’s Office is still hopeful that a lead will turn up as the $30,000 could produce a big paper trail and they do have a reasonable description of the suspect. The casino is also doing what they can to help with the search and provide video. However, these cases tend to go cold quickly and Paul may have to live with his carelessness.