Casino News – Wynn Wins Award, MGM Falls Short, OKC Jackpot Robbery

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This week’s casino news starts us off with an update on how things are running at Wynn Resorts. For the first time in a while, their workplace is generating positive – not negative – headlines.

Wynn Resorts Las Vegas Recognized With Great Workplace Certification Award

Although you might do a double-take, this is not, in fact, a headline from The Onion.

Wynn Resorts was in some hot water for a substantial amount of time following the exploits of its former Chief Executive Officer, Steve Wynn. However, they’ve apparently made quite the turnaround. The American casino operator was awarded the Great Workplace designation by the Great Place to Work Institute. The independent company acknowledged the substantial changes made by the company over the past couple of years since Wynn’s exploits were exposed.

Wynn was forced to resign and liquidate his shares in the company after several victims came forward with reports of sexual assault over the years. The former CEO was replaced by Matt Maddox, who immediately instituted several new policies and strategic measures in order to improve the company’s workplace environment. It looks like they’ve made a lot of progress and it is now a great place to work.

MGM Springfield’s Revenues Fall Well Short Of Initial Projections 

MGM Resorts are known for their home runs when it comes to opening successful casinos, but their venture in Springfield is struggling.

MGM executives celebrated Springfield’s one-year anniversary with plenty of talk about the number jobs they have created in the city, the number of visitors that have attended the casino and how much their establishment has helped improve the prospects of some of the other businesses located in the immediate vicinity of their building. However, one area that those same executives have not bragged about is their gambling revenues that fell far short of initial projections.

Originally, MGM was expecting revenues of $412 million in its first year. However, with just three weeks to go before hitting the one-year mark since the casino opened, the MGM in Springfield reported their annual gambling revenue at just $253 million. It’s not lost on management that they had two of their three worst months of the year in June and July after the Encore Boston Harbor in Massachusetts opened.

While the numbers are lighter than expected, MGM isn’t too disappointed since the casino is still successful. The question is, can they find a way to inch back up to their original projections?

Woman Robs Man Of Casino Winnings After Taking Him Back To Hotel Room

It’s a special feeling when a patron hits the jackpot and wins some money playing casino games. For one Oklahoma City resident in particular, that special feeling certainly didn’t last very long following a night out at the Remington Park Casino.

According to police, a man that won several payouts playing slots at the casino was approached by a woman who referred to herself as “Karma”. After watching the man win, the woman invited the man back to her hotel room. When the man obliged, he was confronted by the woman’s partner at gunpoint. The tandem robbed the casino winner of all of his money, which included both his winnings and an additional $1,000 that he had in his wallet for rent money.

The good news is that police investigated and found that the same woman who carried out the act had several outstanding warrants against her. The following night, she was arrested.

Police are still on the lookout for her accomplice and have warned casino patrons to be careful with their winnings. Sadly, this is a story that plays out quite regularly at casinos across the country.