Casino News: Washington Sports Betting Launches, Caesars Plans to Rebrand Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel

St. Louis Horseshoe Casino - Lumiere Place

This week’s casino news starts off in Washington state where sports betting is finally legal. We’ve got the latest scoop to get you up to speed:

Washington State Gets Sports Betting

Washington State has finally unveiled sports betting. Caesars Entertainment officially announced that they have launched sports betting in the state making Washington the most recent state to legalize sports betting in some type of form (whether it’s online, mobile, or brick-and-mortar).

Caesars received a sports betting license from the Washington State Gambling Commission and got everything set up just in time for the Super Bowl. The retail sportsbook opened at the Muckleshoot Casino and allows you to place bets through mobile devices on the site. However, you can’t place bets through those same devices when you leave the property just yet.

Caesars partnered with the Spokane Tribe Casino and the Chewelah Casino on top of their agreement with the Muckleshoot Casino to further spread out their services in the area. This is just the beginning for Washington.

Caesars Looking To Rebrand Casino

Caesars Entertainment continues to tinker with its roster and is now set to rebrand the Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel. Their plans are to change it to Horseshoe St. Louis to give it a fresh feel. The rebrand should be all finished up by the first half of the new year along with a brand-new renovated exterior.

This isn’t the first change that this specific casino has seen over the past few years. They already rebranded their poker room earlier. There aren’t any further changes planned yet and the table total should still be staying at 10.

This casino has swapped hands a number of times since its opening back in 2007. Everyone continues to see value in the spot but nobody has extracted as much as possible.

Earlier in 2022, Caesars said that Bally’s Las Vegas would be getting changed to become Horseshoe Las Vegas. There could be more rebrands on the horizon.

Nun Gets Prison Sentence Over Gambling-Related Embezzlement Charge Sees Elderly

One nun in California just got hit with prison time over gambling-related embezzlement. The woman, Mary Margaret Kreuper, 80, is a Catholic elementary school principal. She was caught stealing over $835,000 in schools’ funds in order to pay for her own personal expenses, which included gambling trips.

Kreuper has been sentenced to 12 months in federal prison and is ordered to pay $825,338 in restitution. Apparently, she had been embezzling money for over a decade. She was responsible for all tuition and fees on top of charity donations.

Kreuper stole the equivalent of 14 different students’ tuitions each year. Students and parents were often complaining to the school about how they were simply lacking in terms of the resources available. Kreuper even told parents that the schools simply didn’t have money for an awning and that they couldn’t pay for field trips. Instead, we saw those school funds get flipped for activities that “the order would not have approved, much less paid for, including large gambling expenses incurred at casinos and certain credit card charges.”

All Kreuper said after pleading guilty was, “I have sinned, I’ve broken the law, and I have no excuses.”