Casino News: LPGA Tour Creates IMG Arena Partnership, Las Vegas WIll Host 2026 College Football Title Game

IMG Arena LPGA Tour Deal

This week’s casino news starts off with the LPGA Tour, which is looking to capitalize on the sports betting boom to draw more interest to its sport. We’ll see just what type of impact that has.

LPGA Tour Strikes IMG Arena Partnership

Many different sports are partnering with sports betting brands and now the LPGA Tour is onboard too. The women’s golf tour is aiming to get more interesting and more fan engagement, so the first step is to partner with IMG Arena, which will provide all sorts of data to the sports betting operators.

IMG Arena will be the exclusive partner of the LPGA Tour and its on-course statistical feed. They will give out information to other licensed sportsbooks so that more games and bet types can be offered. It was announced that this deal should include about 30 tournaments each year, starting as soon as possible.

IMG Arena is already partnered up with the PGA Tour, reaching their own deal back in 2019. The LPGA Tour wants to increase their television ratings by attracting more male viewers and having more sports betting options will help them do that.

Las Vegas To Host 2025 College Football Title Game

This year’s National Championship game just came to a conclusion but we already have details about the 2025 venue. Las Vegas just landed themselves the big game as the 2025 College Football Playoff national championship game will be played in Sin City. It will be played at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Just 11 months before this title game, Allegiant Stadium will be hosting the Super Bowl, so it will be a good sports year for the city.

The Super Bowl in Las Vegas is expected to bring in $500 million in economic benefits with the title game likely adding a good revenue size of their own. Allegiant is also going to be hosting some other non-conference college football games, with some believing that they can get the Final Four.

Las Vegas is already considered the casino capital of the United States but lately, they have been trying to gain credibility in the sports world. Now that they own both NFL and NHL franchises, the transition into this world has been made a lot easier. Las Vegas could also be getting an MLB team in the not-so-distant future on top of that.

Matt Maddox Could Become Las Vegas Raiders President

Speaking of sports in Las Vegas, Matt Maddox has a little over three weeks left on his tenure as the CEO of Wynn Resorts but he might already have his eye on a new position. He seems to be in the running to become the Las Vegas Raiders next team president. That position has been left vacant since Jon Gruden was kicked to the curb due to an e-mail scandal.

The circumstances for Maddox to step in wouldn’t be new to him, which is why he is on top of their list. When he was brought to Wynn in 2002, they were in a heavy scandal. However, he helped get them out of it.

Maddox has already stated that he would be interested in jumping into different opportunities outside of the gaming industry. A job with the Raiders may be the exact thing he is looking for.