Casino News: Louisiana Launches Online Sports Betting, High Roller Sues Crown London Aspinall’s for Not Cutting Him Off

Crown London Aspinalls Lawsuit News

Responsible gaming is not only the responsibility of the player but also the casino. One high-stakes player is putting the burden onto the casino after his own play went off the rails.

High Stakes Bettor Suing Casino For Not Cutting Him Off

One of the reasons casinos promote responsible gaming is not solely because they want to be wholesome; it’s because they could be deemed liable. That’s going to possibly be the case in one instance where a high-stakes bettor wasn’t cut off.

The player in question, Han Joeh Lim, is a 62-year-old businessman who was playing at a casino in the United Kingdom. Apparently, in just one session he had seen himself lose out on £3.9 million.

He is now suing the casino – the Crown London Aspinalls – because he feels like they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain by cutting him off. He mentioned the 2005 Gambling Act and said that he shouldn’t have been allowed to gamble in a poor mental state.

There was no mention of either drugs or alcohol, but the casino was allegedly giving the man credit to continue playing. The session lasted for approximately 72 hours. The businessman is supposedly worth £40 million, which means he lost roughly 10 percent of his total net worth on just this session of betting. The casino possibly should have stepped in given the size of his losses and how long he was playing.

Online Sports Gambling Launches In Louisiana

The online gambling market in Louisiana has launched and they are already seeing massive results. Online operators such as BetMGM, Caesars Entertainment and a few others launched their own mobile sportsbooks this past week. Throughout November and December, the state brought in $67 million in wagers. It was reported that the books had a 15%-win percentage throughout that time, which is more than double the usual sports betting average win percentage of seven percent.

The Co-President of Caesars Digital had kind words to say about the city on the day of launch. He said, “Louisiana sports fans have shown us their passion for sports betting every day since the opening of our Caesars Sportsbook locations…Our mobile app is ready to bring fans closer to the sports they love while offering the very best in rewards.”

Tribal Group Doesn’t Like Idea Of Canadian Online Casino Plan

It appears that one specific group isn’t a very big fan of the new plans up in Canada. The Mississaugas strongly condemned the idea of an online gambling launch in Ontario as they believe that the launch of this market will have a negative impact on the economy while mentioning that their whole plan is flawed.

For further context, the tribe currently stands behind the Great Blue Heron Casino, which is a vital piece of their economy. The tribe continued with their statement against the Ford government that created this plan by saying they violated their duties to consult indigenous groups.

They weren’t done just yet either. It was also mentioned that the government hasn’t given any further information about how they will address the industry layoffs that will come once this plan goes into motion.

A lot of this is exaggerated as they, of course, would rather people bet at their casinos and online is viewed as a competitor. In the end, it likely won’t impact their business all that much as we’ve seen in other areas that legalize online gambling.