Casino News: Alcohol Study, Biloxi Capital Resort, Indian Man Gambles Wife

This week’s casino starts with some obvious news and ends with one of the most bizarre gambling stories you’ll ever hear. Let’s take a look at this week’s most notable casino headlines:

New Study: Alcohol Drinking Gamblers More Likely To Chase Losses

A recent study has now scientifically proven what sports bettors have long known: alcohol isn’t exactly your friend when it comes to betting in a casino.

A new study from the University of British Columbia has found that players under the influence are significantly more likely to chase their losses than players that have not been drinking. Researchers at the Centre for Gambling Research at the University of B.C. conducted a study that confirmed it.

According to the study, a human being’s inhibitions normally come into play when it comes to chasing a bet. However, alcohol lowers inhibitions, which then opens the door for more chasing. The study showed that those with alcohol in their system were more impulsive and had a tendency to make rapid, hasty gambling decisions.

That’s not overly shocking as most bettors would tell you that the two don’t mix well and most bettors would also tell that that’s exactly why casinos usually give out free drinks. Nonetheless, we now have a scientific study to prove that alcohol and betting are not a good parlay for players.

New Casino Resort Headed To Biloxi, Mississippi Area

There’s a new casino resort coming to the Biloxi, Mississippi area. Biloxi Capital, which is a developer in the neighborhood, has plans to convert the former Tivoli Hotel in Biloxi into a casino resort in the near future. The developer has already filed a notice of intent to apply for permission to use the 30-acre property for its massive development. Biloxi Capital had already purchased the beachfront property land for $40 million about 13 years ago. While they haven’t been able to do anything since, they now have an opportunity to build the casino resort they had planned to bring there as long as they get the green light.

According to the notice filed, the proposed casino resort would include 100,000 square feet of gaming space and approximately 2,000 slot machines and 75 table games.

Indian Man Gambles Wife And Loses

They always tell you to gamble within your means when you step into a casino but for one man, he risked a lot and unfortunately for him, Lady Luck was not on his side.

According to Gulf News, an Indian man named Binod Kumar Shah ended up losing more than he could pay for while he was gambling. Since he couldn’t pay off his debt, he ended up offering his wife to another man. The incident took place in the district of Banka, which is in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar.

Of course, he didn’t exactly go over all of this with his wife, so when the woman refused to go with the man the next morning (to repay the debt), she was then allegedly assaulted by her husband. That immediately prompted her to go to the police and file a complaint.

As bizarre as this story is, it’s not the first time we’ve heard of something like this out of India. Last year, a father gambled away his three-year-old son in a game of cards, although the child was later returned to the family.