Slotland Casino Review 2014

by James Carter on February 19th, 2015.

Slotland Is Worth It

SlotlandYou win more money at Slotland than at any other online casino on average due to their 98% payout promise - most of other casinos payout between 94% and 96%.

Slotland has the most generous deposit bonus as well, requiring you to wager only 13 times your deposit (whereas most casinos require somewhere between 21x and 51x).

I found it hard to believe these figures - how could one casino be so much cheaper to play at? Is this a start-up casino, testing a new business model that may or may not fail? Will they charge some ridiculous banking fees to compensate for the generous games?

15 Years of Experience

Turns out, Slotland is one of the longest-running casinos online, having started its operations in 1998. You can choose the old design or the new design for the casino website - a testament to having loyal customers who are so used to the old version that they want to play on it forever.

At Slotland, Less Is More

Slotland has only 30 games and they're only available inside the browser - this means you have a sufficient variety of slot machines at your disposal and you can play without downloading anything at all.

And unlike at other online casinos, the in-browser playing experience is awesome. In fact, I believe you're going to like it more than you like a desktop version of any other casino.

They've done a great deal of usability testing to remove anything unnecessary from the casino interface. The people at Slotland seem to understand that less is more, which is certainly a style to my liking.

Free Deposits and Withdrawals

"No way."

That's what I replied to the customer service representative at Slotland after he told me that they charge no fees at all for using any of their deposit or withdrawal methods.

In this day and age - when most internet casinos run tight games and charge for everything you do - Slotland not only offers the most generous games and bonuses but have the cheapest money transactions as well.

Since other reputable casinos have payouts around 96%, you'll have lost 50% of the money at Slotland that you would otherwise have lost at a casino with a 96% payback if you were to wager a $1,000. In the long run, as you keep on playing more and more spins, it's going to be a lot of money you'll lose if you decide to play at a low payback casino instead of Slotland.

Common Deposit Methods

One of the only areas that Slotland is like other casinos is its deposit and withdrawal options; they're the same as just about any of the top online casinos.

USA players can deposit via VISA credit or debits cards, and non-US players have options such as Neteller, Skrill and InstaDebit. For withdrawals, USA players have cheques, non-US players can withdraw via mentioned e-wallets, cheques or wire transfer.

Easiest Bonuses

You'll get the easiest-to-clear welcome bonus at Slotland. While industry norm is that players have to wager about 30-40 times their deposit amount to clear their bonuses, at Slotland you only have to wager 13 times the deposit. The welcome bonus is 100% up to a $100.

On top of the welcome deposit bonus, you'll get 50% up to a $100 bonuses for nine additional deposits - therefore, as a new player, you have bonuses waiting for the first ten of your deposits.

Additional bonuses include Monthly Mystery and Weekly Draw.

They Care About Customers

I consider Slotland one of the best best real-money slot casinos and one of the reasons is its customer-friendliness. Their live and e-mail supports are friendly and so far dealing with them has been a pleasure.

When I needed to know something that the customer support was unable to tell me, they asked me if I wanted one of the managers to send me an e-mail about it at a later time. Sure enough, after about 24 hours, I get an e-mail, in which the issue is thoroughly explained.

Slotland accepts players from countries like USA, UK and Australia and others.

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