Casino News: Virtual Basketball, Boston Harbor, $270k Slots

Casino News Roundup

The NBA is getting involved in online gaming but it’s not in the way that you might think. We’ll start with that headline as we recap this week’s casino news:

NBA, Highlight Games Limited Reach Partnership For Virtual Basketball Betting

We knew that the NBA was becoming quite welcoming to sports betting but this is a story few people expected: the professional basketball league is set to get involved in virtual basketball betting.

An announcement has been made that the NBA plans to launch a bespoke virtual sports betting product in the coming months. They’ll partner with British game developer Highlight Games Limited in order to deliver an exclusive, all-new experience for its fans.

The association revealed the news via an official press release that details its coming NBA Last 90 title that will utilise actual game footage with highlights. We’ve heard of this type of thing with horse racing where bettors can watch an animated screen – say, in a casino in Las Vegas – and choose one of the horses they want to bet on. However, we haven’t seen anything like this for sports.

The new project will allow members to wager on the various outcomes that might take place during the final 90 seconds of a simulated game. The sports betting options will include which team will win, who will score on the first possession and the total number of points scored by both teams. Most sports bettors just want to be able to bet on the current games.

Encore Boston Harbor Welcomes Thousands Of Visitors For Grand Opening

The grand opening of the Encore Boston Harbor was a tremendous success with thousands of people making up the massive crowds that turned out to see it. The new casino, which is the most expensive private construction project in the city’s history, put on an absolute show in its opening act.

The Encore, which cost an estimated $2.6 billion to build, held a presentation that included fireworks and colourful smoke with at least 50,000 people making their way to the complex on the first day. The casino will operate 24/7 moving forward.

It’s a happy ending and the result most people in the city of Boston wanted. Of course, this casino opening was delayed, scrutinised and even thrown into question after Steve Wynn was accused with sexual misconduct. However, the story has a happy ending as the casino is finally open and contributing to the local economy.

Aquarius Casino Winner Takes Home $270K Jackpot

A woman named Christa F. from San Tan Valley, Arizona was the big winner of a $270,844.54 slots jackpot at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The lucky woman hit it big while playing the Pink Diamond Wheel of Fortune. That machine in particular is only 25 cents per play, so you can imagine the look on her face when the game returned a six-figure payday.

Christa had wagered just $1.25 when she won the massive jackpot as she had played the maximum per spin. It’s stories like this one that remind us all that anything can happen and anybody can win with just a little luck at the casino.