Casino News: $3M Payout, Nebraska Casinos, Chinese AI

Casino News Roundup

This week’s casino news features a look into the future as to how casinos might employ AI. Before we get to that story we’ll start off with a bizarre story of an injury at Jack Casino.

Woman Awarded $3 Million After Tripping On Wet Floor Sign At Jack Casino

Casino patrons have collected big winnings from the house before but we’ve rarely heard of stories like this.

A woman who fell on a collapsed “wet floor” sign at Jack Casino was awarded $3 million by a Hamilton County jury as a result of the spill. Lynda Sadowski suffered a broken kneecap and needed metal hardware placed in her knee after falling on the sign. According to her lawyer, Sadowski’s mobility has worsened since her fall and a second surgery on the knee might be needed.

The casino argued in court that the injury was a result of the woman’s failure to pay attention to her surroundings when she tripped on the sign, the jury disagreed with their position. While the woman will have to deal with some ongoing pain following the incident, she might not mind it nearly as much after the $3 million payment she was awarded.

Decision On Casino Gambling In Nebraska Will Be Left Up To Voters

Supporters of legalised casinos in the state of Nebraska have launched a formal petition drive to move the issue on to the ballot for 2020. The petition has financial backing from the economic corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. The movement means that voters in Nebraska could have the ability to decide next year whether or not to legalise casino gambling in a ballot measure that could tip the number of states that allow commercial gambling.

25 states in the US already allow commercial casino gambling with games, including slots, craps, roulette and more. That list includes a number of neighbouring states including Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. With hundreds of millions moving out of Nebraska to casinos in the neighbouring states, it seems like a no-brainer for the government to make the necessary changes to make sure those revenues stay within the state lines. At this point it seems like only a matter of time before casino gambling is legalised in Nebraska.

Chinese Casinos Implement Latest AI Technology To Target Biggest Losers

Just in case you weren’t already paranoid enough about technological advancements, a casino story out of China should really push you over the top.

According to a report out of China, casinos in the country’s Macau territory have deployed high-tech surveillance tools that have been designed to keep an eye on their customers. The craziest part is that the surveillance has nothing to do with security; it has to do with big data analytics. The technology that the casinos have deployed uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to determine which visitors seem primed to lose the most money as long as they spend enough time at the casino. The casinos can then target those players using free perks in order to try to keep them playing as long as possible.

As if the casinos couldn’t tell the squares from the sharps before, now they have the technology to automatically point them out.