Casino News Roundup: Leaking Pipe, Taj Mahal, Gettysburg


This week’s casino news keeps a focus on the United States where the headlines have been quite bizarre. We’ll start in Las Vegas where a water leak has proven to be quite costly.

Leaking Pipe Shuts Down Planet Hollywood Casino

It was a wet weekend at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. A leak brought in so much water that it led to nearly half of the casino floor being closed down on a Saturday night. Water had been pooling and dripping down out of the ceiling as well as the light fixtures. Even after they got the leak fixed, it still took a long time to clean up the water. Some entrances from the Miracle Mile shops to the casino had to be closed while a set of nearby elevators were also shut down. Some customers had to take the stairs to get to their room after they had checked in. A few restaurants and eateries were also closed down as well.

As of Sunday, Planet Hollywood was almost fully back on its feet. Early reports have indicated that a leaking pipe was the cause but it’s unclear what specifically went wrong.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Auctions Everything

Interested in decorating your home like the failed Trump Taj Mahal? Now is your chance.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City was once a landmark but times have changed. It has changed hands a few times since  Donald Trump used to own it and has recently been purchased for pennies to be turned into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Those who really had a connection to the place can buy some of the things that made it great. That includes furniture, pianos and art, which will be up for grabs during the liquidation sale. The action gets underway on Thursday and will go until everything is gone.

The current President hasn’t been associated with the casino since 2009 for the most part, and he sold it to Carl Icahn, who couldn’t keep it going. He sold it to the Hard Rock International Group for $50 million, which is far less than the $1.2 billion that President Trump spent to get it off the ground. Now, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is due to open in the summer of 2018 and it will be a brand new casino. If you were a fan of the old look, this would be the time to pick up some of the stuff for cheap.

A New Battle Emerges in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gettysburg is a contentious point in American history and it is often called the turning point of the American Civil War. But David LeVan wanted to add a different type of history to Gettysburg by opening a racetrack and casino just three miles from where the battle took place. While the move felt insensitive in nature, apparently the businessman doesn’t mind ruffling some feathers in order to make a profit.

The good news is that his development plans were shot down as the local government felt it wasn’t appropriate. Essentially, LeVan wanted to cash in on all the tourists that come to visit the battlegrounds and have them stroll through his casino to play some slots as well. While he had to battle the town, it was a change to the Pennsylvania gaming laws that made LeVan decide not to apply for a license.