Casino News Roundup: Fiesta Jackpot, Bizarre Incident, Revel


From big paydays to big lawsuits, there were a number of important headlines in the casino news this week. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest stories:

Customer Wins Jackpot At Fiesta Henderson

One of the main lures of Las Vegas is that you can win big. However, the big jackpots aren’t only on The Strip.

A customer playing at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino, which is about 15 miles southeast of the Strip, hit the $10-million jackpot on a Megabucks progressive slot machine over the weekend. The player is a regular who said that he plays every day, at the same machine. Looks like his consistency finally paid off.

He won $20 to start things off and then, four spins later, won the big one. He didn’t even know that he had won the jackpot until a casino employee came over to tell him.

Bizarre Incident Leads To Big Payday

A man has been awarded a huge chunk of money in a strange incident in Atlantic City. Richard Washart was given $750,000 for pain and suffering, along with emotional distress, after his stomach and esophagus was burned due to a chemical in his beer. The incident happened at a McCormick and Schmick’s restaurant at a Harrah’s casino. The restaurant has passed the buck on to a company it used to clean its beer lines. However, that company said that it wasn’t around when the incident happened in November 2012. Still, the restaurant and the company that cleaned the lines, Kramer Beverage Co., will have to split the award to Washart, although they’re going to appeal the ruling.

Washart said that the reaction was immediate as he began to vomit blood. He had a doctor testify that he had never seen someone survive the burns to the esophagus and stomach that Washart endured. He had to be in the hospital for six days.

Revel Moving Closer To Sale?

A firm in New York would like to buy the Revel casino, which has been closed since 2014. It was one of four casinos in Atlantic City to close that year but Keating and Associates LLC would like to bring it back to life at the price of $225 million. However, Gleen Straub, who owns the property, says that he hasn’t heard of any offer from anyone yet. Straub bought the property in August 2015 for $82 million and keeps trying to do something with it, but he has run into issues with the city at every turn. He has tried to open it on Presidents’ Weekend and on June 15, but no dice (the name of the property will be called “TEN” if Straub can work it out). He’d like to make some kind of a move as he has stated that he’s losing a million dollars every month that the property is not operational.

It’s a bit of a bizarre story as the Atlantic City press first made the report. Keating and Associates LLC had made an offer of $220 million earlier this year, so it is possible that now they’ve simply upped their offer by $5 million.