Casino News Roundup: Bad Beat Jackpot, Vegas Renovations


A number of properties are commencing renovations in Las Vegas. That’s where most of this week’s casino news headlines are focused, but we’ll start north of the border in Canada where an awful beat turned into something sweet.

Big Loser Leads to Winners at Playground Poker Club

The Playground Poker Club has a Bad Beat Jackpot that turns heartbreaking losses into big wins for everyone. The Bad Beat Jackpot itself is a progressive bonus that starts at $250,000. It had ballooned all the way up over $1.2 million by the time it was finally hit by Shane Galle. So what was the painful loss? Galle got a straight flush on the river to beat Elphege Delarosbil’s quad jacks at a no-limit hold ’em table that had limits of $1 and $2. You’d think you’re pretty safe with quad jacks, but apparently not.

In bad-beat jackpot rules, the loser is actually the winner. Delarosbil took home an incredible $460,149, while Galle still raked in a solid $230,088. Each of the other seven players at the table at the time of the jackpot took home $32,870, while there was an additional $1,224 per person for everyone that just happened to be in the room. That is when the champagne and music started – literally – and the night turned into a party in the Playground Poker Room. Talk about turning a frown upside down.

Palace Station Set For Makeover by Red Rock Resorts

In Las Vegas, Red Rock Resorts are launching a plan to spruce up Palace Station to the tune of $76 million in renovations. There will be a new pool and luxury movie theatres, along with a new bar and restaurants. In terms of the casino itself, there will be a retooling of the poker room, sportsbook and racebook.

Red Rocks has been busy reinvesting money into their property as they have already pumped in $115 million to Palace Station. That doesn’t include a separate $146 million going towards the Palms Casino Resort, which Red Rock Resorts purchased in October 2016.

Red Rock Resorts is looking to upgrade its facilities as they feel like the city is about to have another boom with NFL football coming to town by way of the Raiders. Also, Palace Station and even the Palms have become a little dated in comparison to some of the new places in City Center.

Cosmopolitan Begins Las Vegas Guest Room Upgrades

Speaking of renovations in Las Vegas, another place that is getting an upgrade is the Cosmopolitan. They’re looking to spend $100 million on their guest rooms to update them. This is the first time that the Cosmopolitan has undergone renovations in seven years as they are still a fairly new property. They’re hoping to have the Boulevard Tower done by the end of 2017. After that, the Chelsea Tower renovations will begin in January to be finished in 2018.

There will be new furniture in each of the 2,895 guest rooms, along with 65-inch televisions, iPads and fixtures. The iPads will be used so that guests can order room service, fresh towels and other amenities. The iPads can also be used for the lighting of the room as well as the television.

$100 million is just the baseline of how much will be spent on the Cosmopolitan; it could be more by the time they’re done. With a lot of places in Vegas spending money on their hotels, the Cosmopolitan is the latest to try spruce things up and bring in more customers.