Casino News Roundup: Arkansas Casinos, DraftKings Partner, World Cup

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There are only 11 states in the U.S. that don’t allow casinos. One of them could be looking to join the masses and defect. That’s where we’ll start off this week’s casino news:

Arkansas Finally Warms Up To The Idea Of Casinos?

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has been cold to the idea of casinos, battling hard to keep them out of the state. However, it appears that she’s thawing. She has recently approved of a few conditions toward building one in Russellville, which is northwest of Little Rock. Driving Arkansas Forward has been lobbying hard to push this through and one of the key selling points has been that 65 percent of casino tax revenue would go toward transportation infrastructure. That has piqued the interest of the government.

The next step will be for the group to get 84,859 signatures by July 6 to get it on a ballot for a public vote. This is a big step in the right direction as Rutledge had previously outright rejected four ballot motions in 2018 alone and over 60 overall.

Arkansas is one of 11 states that doesn’t have any casinos and the state is potentially losing a lot of money. With the legalization of sports betting and the negative stigma of gambling fading, it looks like Arkansas could be moving closer to actually opening up a casino.

DraftKings Partners With Resorts Casino Hotel

The recent news that sports betting is no longer banned in the United States has sparked a lot of movement in the industry. DraftKings is getting in on the action as they have come together with Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey in a unique partnership to manage their sportsbook. There have been rumors that DraftKings would like to add a sportsbook to their online fantasy offering, so this could be considered a first step. What customers should expect is the Resorts Casino Hotel to have in-game betting along with wagering on the outcome of games that will be run by DraftKings.

The owner of Resorts Casino Hotel, Morris Bailey, has been very vocal about the sports leagues requesting a one percent integrity fee. As many have suggested, it is very hypocritical that the leagues, who were against sports betting for so long, now want to profit off it.

These types of fantasy-casino partnerships aren’t new as European companies are also getting a piece of the pie. Paddy Power Betfair bought a controlling piece of FanDuel. Paddy Power also bought in 2017.

Endorphina Launches World Cup-Themed Slot

The World Cup is right around the corner with action starting on June 14 in Russia. It is the world’s biggest sporting event and Endorphina, an online gaming developer, is looking to cash in. Endorphina will be releasing an online slot called Football SuperStar, which is – you guessed it – based on soccer and the World Cup. The player in the lead image for the online slot definitely showed some resemblances to Cristiano Ronaldo. The company, which is based in Prague, is hoping that the craving for soccer spills over into the slots section.

The game itself has four rows and five reels with 50 paylines, and is extremely esthetically pleasing. There are five different players to choose from, along with stadiums and referees. There is also a touch of luxury to the game with cars and jewelry among your rewards.