No-Download Slots

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

Many of you found this site by searching for “no-download slots” or “instant-play slots,” therefore I thought it would be a good idea to write about the no-download casinos that I consider the best.

Bovada Casino (USA-only) Bet365 Casino (all accepted except USA) is the best online casino for no-download slots. Their software is only available as a no-download version and therefore their business is based on delivering the best possible in-browser playing experience.

A strong runner-up is (USA and Canada only).

I’ve tried several other instant-play casinos and most of them are buggy or laggy or both to the point where it’s hard to believe those casinos expect players to play their slots for real money.

And no wonder since many instant-play casino softwares were created three or four years ago at the start of the “mobile boom” and haven’t been developed since. Slotland and Bovada – who co-incidentally belong to the rare breed of casinos that have their own software which isn’t shared with a 100 others – have been continuously developing their no-download playing experience and it shows.

If you’re going to play online slots with no downloads for real money, I recommend spending the money at the casino that most deserves it, for the sake of your own playing experience and supporting the right companies. I hate the idea of companies making money from offering their customers outdated, subpar products.

Besides, instant-play issues aside, Slotland has the highest slot payout percentage out of all internet casinos (98%).

Both Slotland and Bovada accept players from the USA.