High Limit Slots in 2021

by James Carter on January 04th 2016. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

High Limit Slot MachinesSomeone asked me to recommend online slots with high maximum bet limits. “Why not just Google it,” I replied, only to find out that the person had already done so quite extensively but none of the search results would tell him specific details about the “high stakes” casinos and would only claim them to be suitable for high rollers in general.

I thought this would make a cool piece of content for the site – after all, there must be others looking for the similar information without results.

I sent e-mails to tens of well-known online casinos to find out which ones have the biggest maximum bets on their slot machines. Incredibly, I had communication problems with many of them, only getting replied that “maximum bet varies depending on the slot machine.”


Anyway, if you searched for the definition for “slots with high limits” in Google, well, you probably failed to find one. So before getting into the actual results of the survey, let’s first define what “high limit slots” are:

You’re playing high limit slot machines when your bet per spin is at least $5; you’re playing high roller slot machines when your bet per spin is at least $100 per spin. Those are my own definitions which I will use throughout this site, and I believe the majority of slot players would have similar definitions.

High Limit Bonuses for Slot Players

Online casinos have noticed that offering big bonuses appeals to customers regardless of the deposit size. For example, for a gambler looking to deposit $100 to play online casino games with, a casino offering a 100% up to $5000 bonus would be more appealing than a casino offering 100% up to $500, suggesting that’s the only difference between the two casinos. This even though the player gets the same $100 bonus at both of the casinos.

And with slot bonuses, the size of the bonus is not all that matters. In fact, the size matters only a little if the terms of the bonuses are bad. Isn’t it incredible that you can clear the same bonus 4x faster at Slotland than you can at Spin Palace?

So if you want to choose the best bonus for a big deposit, it’s not just a case of looking at the size of bonus, but the clearing requirements. Here are three online casinos with high stakes slots, big deposit bonuses and reasonable clearing requirements:

The casinos above know how to treat high-rollers. They understand that you’re risking a lot of money and more often than not end-up losing some of it, so you expect to be treated well. The great thing about these casinos is that they treat everybody well regardless of the size of their deposit, but just like it should be, high-rollers get treated like VIP guests.