Multiple Payline Slots

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

Multiple payline slots have more than one winning line and each coin you put in activates another payline until you reach the maximum amount of lines.

How many paylines are there?

It depends on the slot machine in question. There has to be at least one payline and there can be a hundred of them as well.

Now if you’re wondering how could it be possible that there are a hundred paylines in one machine, here’s your answer: the lines are simply in different sequences. You can make quite a few of paylines in five-reel real-money slot machines.

Here’s how a multipayline slot machine works:

When you decide to play one coin, only the middle payline activates; if a winning combination appears on any of the other paylines (which you haven’t activated), you gain nothing from them.

Only activated paylines can win you money.

If you keep adding coins, more paylines will activate; for example, add two more coins and the paylines above and below the middle-line will activate.

In multiple payline slots with a 100 activated lines, it’s hard to keep a track of which combinations you’re about to hit while the reels are still spinning and stopping one-by-one. This is both an exciting and frustrating part of playing slot machines with multiple paylines.

Nowadays there are actually slot machines with “243 ways to win.” There are no actual paylines; as long as you can make a winning combination in consecutive reels (winning symbols can be anywhere on the reel as long as they’re on the screen), that will do the job.

As far as paylines go, straight slots are the opposite of multiple line slots since straight slot machines have only one payline.

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