by James Carter on February 19th 2015. Updated on April 19th, 2021.

ECogra is best-known for being a private testing agency to numeroBest Online Casinos (including some of the largest out there like Spin Palace).

All eCogra-approved casinos make their monthly payout reports public at – if you’re familiar with the company, it’s probably because you’ve seen a link to their monthly reports at an online casino’s website.

eCogra Payout Report
An example of eCogra’s payout report.

The experts here at GTO like eCogra-approved casinos because of the transparency – all the monthly payout reports are online for everyone to see for several months’ worth of time.

Having eCogra’s approval doesn’t mean the casino does everything well from promotions to game selection to customer service – it doesn’t even mean that the online casino has high payouts (although it does mean that players are aware of the true payout percentage).

But having eCorgra’s stamp of approval means the casino does the basics right:

  • Has random games.
  • Reports its payouts.
  • Uses customers’ information safely.
  • Handles payments in a timely manner.
  • Advertises itself honestly.

They will also help you to settle disputes with eCogra-approved casinos. If you go to their Policies and Procedures page, you’ll see under which circumstances they’re prepared to do so (“Please do not request assistance if you have opened multiple accounts or participated in other nefarious behavior/s”).

By the way, here’s their Mission Statement.