Blackjack Informational Websites

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

Finding the best blackjack sites is harder than you might think, as the Internet is littered with content that promises one thing and then delivers something altogether different. As far as I’m concerned, there are few things more frustrating than relying on Google and then wading through page after page of junk masquerading as useful content.

In order to simplify your life, I’ve scoured the World Wide Web in a quest to find the most useful blackjack sites around. Since you probably have an Internet casino already picked out, I’ve left those sites off the list. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on destinations that provide solid information about odds and strategy. After all, this knowledge is often what separates the winners from the losers, and it’s my fondest hope that you’ll be able to walk away from the casino with some extra money in your pockets.

The Wizard of Odds – When it comes to examining blackjack strategy and mathematical odds, there’s no better option. The site features an alphabetized list of blackjack variants, and each comes with its own article detailing rules, optimal strategy, house edge, and much more

I also suggest checking out the basic strategy calculator. Just enter the rules of the specific game you’re interested in, and the program will display the best possible strategy for the player. While brick-and-mortar gamblers might be too embarrassed to print this out and take it to the tables, there’s no excuse for not using it during your online sessions. – Hosted by card expert Ken Smith and available in four languages, this site is a treasure trove of free information about the game of blackjack. Strategy and card counting are covered in depth, and there are also interviews, tournament information, a free newsletter, and an online store. Smith is a veteran player who knows his stuff, and this expertise really shines through on the site.

Stanford Wong’s – There’s plenty of free information on this site about advantage play and blackjack basics, but the real value comes by joining their Green Chip message board at $9.95 per month. That’s because it’s a hangout for seasoned veterans who are devoted to beating the casinos, including site owner (and gambling legend) Stanford Wong. Whether you’re looking to discuss taxes, comps, theories, or the best casino in the Midwest, this exclusive forum always delivers.

Casino Verite – The purpose of this software is to accurately simulate play in a live casino environment, especially as it applies to shuffle tracking, card counting, basic strategy, and ace prediction. Multiple versions of the training software are available to purchase, and free demos can be downloaded and tested. In addition to running on all Windows systems, mobile users can experience the virtual trainer thanks to apps for Apple and Android platforms.

While far from a household name, the software has a wide range of notable supports. Multiple members of the MIT Blackjack Team have endorsed it, as well as respected industry figures such as Arnold Snyder and Anthony Curtis.

Blackjack Tactics – If you want a simple repository of blackjack information, I recommend this comprehensive site. There are no fancy graphics or unsightly ads; instead, the viewer is treated to helpful facts about odds, betting systems, card counting strategies, variant rules, and much more.

Blackjack Apprenticeship – Site owners Colin and Ben have won millions of dollars by counting cards at casinos around the world, and now they’re ready to share their secrets for a monthly cost of $29. While I’m normally not in the habit of recommending sites owned by guys who don’t reveal their surnames, this fee gives you access to a huge amount of material such as podcasts, forums, and drills. There’s also a lot of free material to look over, and the site has been featured everywhere from CNN to The Colbert Report.

Hit or Stand – A free online blackjack trainer that instructs players on the finer points of the game. There are two levels of difficulty to choose from, and each deals 20 hands of blackjack.

The player can choose to hit, stand, double, or split on each hand. Once a decision is made, the program will grade whether or not the player made the right call under the circumstances.

If an incorrect decision occurs, the software displays advice for future consideration.
While any list of the best blackjack sites is a matter of opinion, I’m confident that the destinations listed above will increase your overall enjoyment and success rate. And since the information contained within is often free, you really have nothing to lose.