Omega 2 Count

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

The Omega 2 Count was introduced by Bryce Carlson in his book Blackjack for Blood. It’s a balanced card counting system with multi-level values.

The Omega 2 Count is an intermediate-level card counting system for blackjack. Learn this system only after mastering a simple card counting system. When compared to popular counting systems such as Hi-Lo Count and Knockout Count, the Omega 2 system offers a bit more challenge but also greater profitability.

When Dealt Count
4, 5, 6 +2
2, 3, 7 +1
8, A 0
9 -1
T, J, Q, K -2

In order to master the system, one must know how to convert from running count into true count. This adds a little bit to the difficulty level of Omega 2 system – but not to worry, it’s just simple mathematics. (Just divide the running count with the amount of decks in use.)

Hi Opt 2 Count is another system of similar difficulty.