Online Casinos That Accept Debit Cards

by James Carter on February 19th 2015.

Debit Card Online CasinosOne of the easiest ways to deposit money to an online casino regardless of where you live is to use a debit card – preferably VISA, since it’s the most widely accepted debit card out there. Just make sure you use a debit card that’s eligible for both online and international purchases.

Here are the top online casino sites that accept debit card deposits:

Debit Card Casinos – FAQ

Why to use debit cards at online casinos?
By using debit cards to make online casino deposits, the money arrives to your player account instantly after you’ve made the deposit.Most online casinos have low fees for debit card deposits, although and both take a 4.9% deposit fee. Using debit cards to send money to online casino sites is also hassle-free.

Can I Use Debit Cards at US Casino Sites?
Yes – most (if not all) US online casinos accept both credit card and debit card deposits, and many of them accept gift card deposits as well. (The only exception is casinos that only accept Bitcoins.)

VISA is easily the debit card brand with the highest success rate. Mastercard is the second best card to have and American Express is a distant third, although still accepted at some good US online casinos.

Are Debit Card Deposits Secure?
Yes – while it’s always important to keep your credit or debit card information safe and secure, debit card deposits are just as secure as any other deposit methods at online casinos.

All the online casinos listed on this page have worked hard to ensure their customers’ safety, and as long as you make sure that your card information remains safe, there’s little to worry about.

Can I Get Welcome Bonuses When Depositing with Debit Cards?
Yes – all the online casinos that I know of offer their promotions to every customer regardless of what deposit option they used. (Some casinos give extra bonus for choosing a certain deposit method, though.)

How Does a Debit Card Online Casino Deposit Work?
It’s simple – you go to your player account’s cashier, choose the debit card brand that you want to deposit with and enter your debit card details. The next time you deposit with your debit card, you’ll likely be able to do it with a click of a button.

Can I Use Pre-Paid Debit Cards for Online Casino Deposits?
Sure – again, as long it’s eligible for online and international purchases. Not all credit and debit cards are going to have a 100% success rate even if they meet that criteria, though, but VISA Netspend is one type of a pre-paid debit card that has a high success rate in the US according to recent reports.